What to watch for Halloween

Are you putting the final touches to your grim reaper costume? Looking for the perfect red satin cape for your devil costume or the most ludicrous wig possible for your Tegan Jovanka outfit? No? Just me?
Well… anyway, here are some suggestions for Halloween viewing to get you geared up for the evening.

Beyond the Black Rainbow– By far the trippiest most unsettling horror film I have seen in ages, this needs to be seen to be believed. I won’t say more for fear of ruining it.

John Dies at the End- If you area fan of Phantasm or similar offbeat horror flicks, this is right up your alley. Don Cascarelli delivers one of the most mind-blowing tales of psychedelic adventure involving alternate dimensions and animated meat.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed The sequel to the Hammer Horror, it also focuses on the mad doctor rather than the monster itself.

The Black Sleep- Oh this may appear to be a snoozer (cuz it is), but it stars the impeccable Basil Rathbone and also features guest appearances from Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, Tor Johnson and more!

Or why not watch Halloween, riffed by RiffTrax?

What are your favorite Halloween movies?


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