Daredevil hits the road with Mark Waid and Peter Krause

Mark Waid’s critically acclaimed and fan favorite run on Daredevil may be nearing its end, but there is time for one last road trip. I have been a fan of the horned crime fighter since he swung from the rooftops under the pen of Frank Miller. But I have to admit that Waid has brought a special kind of freewheeling fun to the title that has made it a stand out read from month to month.

I am sad to see Waid but am excited to see what he will deliver with artist Peter Krause in their Infinite Comics series.

Hit the Road with Daredevil

Mark Waid and Peter Krause send Matt Murdock cross country in a pivotal Infinite Comics adventure!
By Jim Beard

DaredevilRoadtrips bring new vistas and fresh ways of looking at the world, but they can also come fraught with unfamiliar dangers. Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, may be finding out the hard way in a brand-new Marvel Infinite Comics experience, DAREDEVIL: ROAD WARRIOR.

The series marks the end of an era for writer Mark Waid’s acclaimed run with the Man Without Fear, and also the first major Marvel project for artist Peter Krause. Together, the two creators plan to set the hero on a path to destiny and in a way that only Infinite Comics can portray.

Marvel.com: Mark, how does it feel for you after your run on DAREDEVIL to be sending him off on this journey?

Mark Waid: Exhilarating. Up until now, every time we’ve taken Matt out of New York, it’s been in service of awful, awful things. This feels more like the beginning of a grand journey. Which does not discount the eventuality of awful, awful things, of course; no one wants to read a Daredevil story where everything goes smoothly for him.

Marvel.com: Is Matt at his best or worst when he’s not in the big city?

Mark Waid: Neither; just a fish out of water. He enjoys the countryside, but he’s adapted so well to the concrete canyons of New York that he finds flatlands to the horizon somewhat disturbing; nothing for his radar sense to bounce off of.

Marvel.com: Overall, what kind of story is ROAD WARRIOR? Where’s Matt’s head as he goes into it?

Mark Waid: Matt’s beginning a whole new chapter in his life following the events of DAREDEVIL #36, and he’s excited but apprehensive at the same time. You can be a Man Without Fear and still be a little worried about where the next paycheck is coming from. ROAD WARRIOR is a coast-to-coast adventure/chase with thrills aplenty.

Marvel.com: Will he take any of his supporting cast with him on this journey?

Mark Waid: He will, yes. But I can’t yet tell you who. Spoilers!

Marvel.com: What have you learned from your other Infinite Comics projects that you bring to this one?

Mark Waid: Hopefully, how to pace a story and give the readers a satisfying experience with each chapter while at the same time telling an overall larger story. The Infinite toolbox offers up a lot of new and interesting ways to “see” the world through Daredevil’s eyes, and I’m really stoked about pursuing those with my partner in crime, Peter Krause!

Marvel.com: Speaking of your partner-in-crimefighting, what’s the greatest thing about working with Peter on this, his first Marvel series?

Mark Waid: Seeing him draw his favorite Marvel character, Daredevil! He’s been dreaming of this all his life—I know how he feels—and he’s bringing everything to the drawing table. Not just his love of DD, but also all the digital comics techniques he and I have been developing on our own over at Thrillbent.com; all those come into play, as well. Couldn’t ask for a better partner than the man who helped me launch Thrillbent!

Marvel.com: Okay, Peter; time to step up to the microphone. How does it feel to be working on your first big project for Marvel?

Peter Krause: Not only my first big project for Marvel, my first project of any size or type for Marvel. When I exchanged emails with DAREDEVIL editor Stephen Wacker, I joked that I was the oldest Marvel rookie ever. And I am drawing my favorite character in the Marvel universe! That is exciting.

Marvel.com: How would you quantify your working relationship with Mark? What does he do that best compliments your own work?

Peter Krause: I’ve worked regularly with Mark over the last five years, first on Irredeemable for BOOM! and now on our weekly strip Insufferable at Thrillbent.com. I value that relationship. If I have a strong feeling about a script or character, I know Mark will consider that when writing. And if he wants a particular visual for a scene, I’m happy to accommodate.

That said there are always artistic challenges in a Mark Waid script. That is welcome; how else is one to grow as an artist?

Marvel.com: So, what about Daredevil as a character excites you as an artist? And what will your DD be like?

Peter Krause: The basic concept just grabbed me as a kid: the hero has what some might think of as the ultimate disability, yet he is this sleek, acrobatic vision. And that all-red costume is one of the best in comics. Add in the rooftop staging, the cool villains—and Foggy, the ultimate friend—what’s not to like?

As far as what my Daredevil will be like, we’ll have to see. I want to convey that sleekness that is inherent in the character and a bit of Matt’s vulnerability as well.

Marvel.com: So, then; favorite DD artists of the past?

Peter Krause: I grew up on the Gene Colan version of DD, so Mr. Colan’s take on him will always be number one. But there is an incredible list of artists that have drawn Daredevil: Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, Michael Lark, Wally Wood, Cary Nord, Alex Maleev, Lee Weeks, etc. I have the David Mazzucchelli DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN Artist Edition from Marvel/IDW and it’s incredible. I’ve spent hours with that book.

I’m also a big fan of the two most recent artists on the series, Paolo Rivera and Chris Samnee. They’ve set a high standard. I’m a wee bit intimidated!

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