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(note: all information including ad copy is from the publisher)
If you can’t make it to the shop, just click on any of the images below to be taken to an online retailer. I don’t get any referrals for these sales, I’m just doing my bit to spread the word on some neat products.


Crab Monsters Roger Corman King Of B Movie HC

Crab Monsters Teenage Cavemen And Candy Stripe Nurses Roger Corman King Of The B Movie HC, $35.00

Warhammer 40K Space Marines Omnibus SC, $17.50

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth #111 (Lake Of Fire Part 2 Of 5), $3.50
Star Wars Dark Times Volume 6 Fire Carrier TP, $18.99
Star Wars Volume 1 In The Shadow Of Yavin TP, $19.99 

100 Bullets Brother Lono #4 (Of 8), $2.99
Action Comics #23.3 (Lex Luthor)(Aaron Kuder 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Arrow #11, $3.99
Arrow Volume 1 TP, $16.99
Batman #23.3 (The Penguin)(Jason Fabok 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Batman ’66 #3 (Mike Allred Regular Cover), $3.99
Batman And Robin #23.3 (Ra’s al Ghul And The League Of Assassins)(Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Batman Beyond Universe #2, $3.99
Batman The Dark Knight #23.3 (Clayface)(Guillem March 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Batwoman Volume 2 To Drown The World TP, $14.99
Batwoman Volume 3 World’s Finest HC, $22.99
Detective Comics #23.3 (The Scarecrow)(Jason Fabok 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Fables #133, $2.99
Flash #23.3 (The Rogues)(Francis Manapul 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Green Lantern #23.3 (Black Hand)(Billy Tan 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Hush Scarecrow Nightwing And Poison Ivy Action Figure 3-Pack, $49.95
Justice League #23.3 (Dial E)(Brian Bolland 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Justice League Dark #23.2 (Eclipso)(Mikel Janin 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Justice League Of America #7.3 (Shadow Thief)(Tony S. Daniel & Matt Banning 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Secret Society Of Super-Villains Volume 1 TP, $19.99
Stormwatch Volume 3 Betrayal TP, $16.99
Superman #23.3 (H’el)(Gene Ha 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Swamp Thing #23.1 (Arcane)(Jesus Saiz 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Teen Titans #23.2 (Deathstroke)(Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99
Unwritten Tommy Taylor And The Ship That Sank Twice HC, $22.99
Wonder Woman #23.1 (The Cheetah)(Victor Ibanez 2-D Standard Edition Cover), $2.99

Co-Mix Retrospective Of Comics Graphics And Scraps By Art Spiegelman HC, $39.95
Reggie-12 HC, $21.95

Dark Shadows #20 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
Lone Ranger #18 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow Annual 2013 (Colton Worley Regular Cover), $4.99

Madwoman Of The Sacred Heart HC, $29.95

Technopriests Supreme Collection HC

Technopriests Supreme Collection HC, $49.95

Doctor Who #13 (Cover A Mark Buckingham), $3.99
Doctor Who Classics #4 (Cover A Matthew Dow Smith)(resolicited), $3.99
Popeye Classics #14 (Cover A Bud Sagendorf), $3.99
Popeye Classics Volume 2 HC, $29.99

Star Trek Newspaper Strip HC Vol. 02

Star Trek Best Of Klingons TP, $24.99
Star Trek The Newspaper Strips Volume 2 1981-1983 HC, $49.99

Thunder Agents #2

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #2 (Cover A Phil Hester), $3.99

All-New X-Men Volume 3 Out Of Their Depth HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99
Cable And X-Force #14, $3.99
Captain Marvel #16, $2.99
Daredevil #31 (Chris Samnee Regular Cover), $2.99
Infinity #1 (Of 6)(Jim Cheung 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $4.99

Infinity #3 (of 6)

Infinity #3 (Of 6)(Adam Kubert Regular Cover), $3.99
Inhumans The Origin Of The Inhumans TP, $39.99
Iron Man Epic Collection The Enemy Within TP, $39.99
Marvel Masterworks Daredevil Volume 7 HC, $69.99
Morbius The Living Vampire #9, $2.99
New Avengers #10, $3.99
Red She-Hulk Volume 2 Route 616 TP, $15.99
Secret Avengers #9, $3.99
Superior Spider-Man #18 (Ryan Stegman Regular Cover), $3.99
Thor God Of Thunder #13 (Ron Garney Regular Cover), $3.99
Thunderbolts #15, $2.99
Thunderbolts Volume 2 Red Scare TP, $15.99
Uncanny X-Men #12 (Arthur Adams Regular Cover), $3.99
X-Men #1 (Mark Brooks Variant Cover)(Dynamic Forces), $12.99
X-Men Legacy #17, $2.99


Roy Thomas Presents The Heap Slipcase Ed Vol. 03 (of 3)

Roy Thomas Presents The Heap Volume 3 HC (Slipcased Edition), $119.99


Back Issue #68, $8.95


Fortunately The Milk HC, $14.99


Swamp Thing Bd + DVD

Swamp Thing BD + DVD, AR

Avengers Avengeful Black T-Shirt LG, $16.99
Avengers Concept Hit Previews Exclusive Red Heather T-Shirt LG, $18.99
Batman Blast Lane Batmobile Vehicle Case, AR
Battlestar Galactica Frak Me T-Shirt MED, $19.95
Captain America Rough Armor Previews Exclusive Silver T-Shirt LG, $18.99
Captain America Running Shield Black T-Shirt LG, $16.99
Classic Iron Man Bust Bank, $14.99
Count Calorie 8-Inch Vinyl Figure, $60.00
DC 1966 Batman TV Series 6-Inch Joker Action Figure, $21.99
DC 1966 Batman TV Series 6-Inch Penguin Action Figure, $21.99
DC 1966 Batman TV Series 6-Inch Riddler Action Figure, $21.99
DC 1966 Batman TV Series 6-Inch Surfing Batman Action Figure, $21.99
Deadpool Icon Black T-Shirt SM, $16.99
Doctor Who Future Companion Blue Previews Exclusive Jrs T-Shirt LG, $20.99
Doctor Who Titans Mini Figure 20-Piece Blind Mystery Box Display Series 2, AR
Giant Microbes Plush Key Chain Wild Ones, AR
Greenlight Hollywood 1/64 Die-Cast Series 5 Inner Case, AR
Hot Wheels Cars Character Die-Cast Car Assortment, AR
Hot Wheels Pop Culture Die-Cast Car Assortment, AR
Hulk Last Hulk Standing Black T-Shirt LG, $16.99
Iron Man Legends 6-Inch Action Figure Assortment 201302, AR
Kimba The Witch Happy Halloween Le Statue, $179.99
Little Busters Kudryavka Noumi Sukumizu Version PVC Figure, $114.99
Living Dead Dolls Little Bo Creep Doll, $26.99
Marvel Ghost Rider Metal Bottle Opener, $18.00
Marvel Heroes Heavy Rain Navy/Liquid Silver T-Shirt LG, $16.99
Marvel Heroes Marvelblocks Heather T-Shirt LG, $18.99
Marvel Heroes Stack Em High Black T-Shirt LG, $18.99
Marvel Minimates Series 51 Assortment, AR
Marvel Universe Action Figure Assortment 201302, AR
Maschinen Krieger Krote 1/12 Scale Figure, $220.00
McFarlane Toys 2013 Baltimore Ravens Championship Action Figure 3-Pack, AR
Mega Man Scent Blasters Air Freshner, AR
Monsters University Sully 7-Inch Plush, $11.99
Nicktoon Deluxe Modern Plush Series 1 Assortment, AR
Oi Cthulhu Resin Figure, $70.00
POP Dark Knight Bank Robber Joker Vinyl Figure, $10.99
POP Dark Knight Joker Vinyl Figure, $10.99
POP Heroes Harley Quinn Previews Exclusive Glow-In-The-Dark Variant Vinyl Figure, $10.99
Proto Man Scent Blasters Air Freshner, AR
Sandman Moonglow T-Shirt LG, $18.95
Spider-Man Swing Shot Previews Exclusive Teal Triblend T-Shirt LG, $18.99
Star Trek The Next Generation Captain Picard In The Captain’s Chair 1/6 Scale Statue, $199.95
Star Wars Commander Appo Vinyl Bust Bank, $22.99
Star Wars Han Solo In Carbonite Business Card Holder, $29.99
Star Wars R2-D2 Business Card Holder, $29.99
Superman Man Of Steel 6-Inch Movie Master Faora Action Figure, $21.99
Superman Man Of Steel 6-Inch Movie Master General Zod Action Figure, $21.99
Superman Man Of Steel 6-Inch Movie Master Jor-El Action Figure, $21.99
Swamp Thing Silhouette By Jock T-Shirt LG, $18.95
Sword Art Online Asuna Titania Version PVC Figure, $169.99
Terminator 2 Endoarm 1/1 Scale Prop Replica, AR
Transformers Prime Beast Hunter Commander Action Figure Assortment 201304, AR
Transformers Prime Beast Hunter Voyager Action Figure Assortment 201304, AR
Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Tracker Vehicle Assortment 201301, AR
Walking Dead Cell Block C Previews Exclusive T-Shirt MED, $17.99
Walking Dead Keep Calm And Call Daryl Previews Exclusive Olive T-Shirt LG, $17.99
Walking Dead Michonne Blood Slash T-Shirt LG, $17.99
Walking Dead Minimates Series 4 Assortment, AR
Walking Dead Welcome To Woodbury Previews Exclusive Heather T-Shirt SM, $17.99
Wolverine 10-Inch Electronic Action Figure Case, AR
Wolverine 3-3/4-Inch Action Figure Assortment 201301, AR
X-Men Magna Shield Previews Exclusive Blue Heather T-Shirt LG, $18.99


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