Doctor Who The Moonbase and Underwater Menace announced as final classic DVD releases

Last week, Doctor Who fans were both excited and saddened to read the following in twitter:

Restoration Team : Ace colourist Jonathan Wood grading extras for Moonbase and Underwater Menace. Our final DW DVDs!


This will apparently mark the conclusion to the DVD run that began many moons ago in 2001 with the simultaneous releases of The Five Doctor,s Spearhead from Space and Robots of Death. The range has continued throughout the years with Scream of the Shlaka, Terror of the Zygons, the Special Edition of the Green Death and The Tenth Planet (with newly created animated sequences) still to come. But this could be the end that fan knew was coming all along, Despite rumors of recently recovered missing material and a plea for a DVD release of the Crusade starring William Hartnell and Julian Glover… it may finally be coming to a close.

Fan trailer by biggerbaddaddy

The second Cyberman adventure, The Moonbase is in many ways a rehash of their ‘base under siege’ premiere The Tenth Planet, only with greater production resources and set on the moon instead of the arctic. Even so, it is a beloved adventure and one that I would be happy to see expanded upon. I am less fond of The Underwater Menace, as it is an early experiment in the Troughton era and ventures a skoch too far into comedy and farce for my liking, but perhaps I need to give it another look?

click here for my article on The Moonbase

click here for my article on The Moonbase

The existing material from The Moonbase has already been released as part of the Lost in Time collection, but one of the missing parts to The Underwater Menace was found earlier this year. I am thinking both will be released on one disc much like Galaxy 4 was lumped into the Aztecs Special Edition DVD after a lost episode was recovered (what a surprise that was!) .

Details are still forthcoming so it is anyone’s guess is Moonbase/Underwater Menace will be released together (no release date is available at this time for the Underwater Menace) or if this is indeed the end of the classic range.

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