Doctor Who comic strip Dreadnaught adapted into animated form

The Eighth Doctor Who played by Paul McGann may have been on screen the shortest amount of time on screen, but he was embraced by fandom in other mediums such as audio, original novels and later audio dramas. McGann also returned to act in a new version of the unfinished Shada script by Douglas Adams. He has enjoyed increased popularity lately after the 1996 TV Movie was screened on BBC America and a limited edition bust was released by Titan.

This will be the latest in a series of animated adaptations of Doctor Who including Death Comes to Time, Real Time and Shada, but to my knowledge this is the first Doctor Who comic strip to get this treatment!

Via, an outstanding resource for Doctor Who fans.

Ever wanted to see an animated version of the Radio Times Eighth Doctor versus the Cybermen comic strip Dreadnought? Well now you can thanks to super-fan and voice of the Doctor Andrew Merkelbach!

Dreadnought was part of a series of five comic stories featuring the Eighth Doctor, printed in the Radio Times, which ran for forty-two issues after the premiere of the Doctor Who TV Movie in 1996.
Each one was scripted by Gary Russell with art by Lee Sullivan, colour by Alan Craddock and lettering by Elitta Fell.

The series was prematurely ended by the Radio Times before its planned 60 issue run could be completed.

Back in 2009, Andrew – who has been the voice of the Eighth Doctor in both the official Doctor Who Online Adventures series and various fan productions since 2005 – started work on the first part of his adaptation, which so far has attracted over 40,000 views online.

Now, he’s aiming to complete the second of two six minute episodes just in time for the 50th anniversary.

Starring Lesley Lyon as companion Stacy Townsend, Dan Armitage as her fiancé Bill and Andrew Merkelbach as the Eighth Doctor, the project has already garnered praise from Big Finish and the artist on the original strip Lee Sullivan.

You can view the first part here. Be sure to check out the Facebook fan page and Andrew’s twitter page @8thDoctorVoice for all the latest news on the project. And you can read the latest in our Whispering Gallery series, in which Lee Sullivan guides us around ten pieces of art, here!


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