LEGO Marvel Superheroes


Via BleedingCool:

The immense popularity of the Lego video games based on Star Wars, and particularly those featuring DC characters like Batman, have prompted speculation and demand for years from Marvel fans, wondering why Marvel hadn’t agreed to release a Lego Marvel game yet. It’s finally coming, of course, this autumn, and as if to make up for Marvel dragging their heels, this game will include over 100 Marvel characters and be available not only on Xbox, but also PlayStation, WiiU, as well as handheld platforms like the Nintendo DS. It will include one on one combat, epic battles, puzzle-solving, and, of course, humor, says Marvel. The latter is quite a selling point because these games are not only fun to play, but are appropriate for children to play and observe being played, which can be a rare thing when it comes to comics-inspired video games. And it’s arriving just in time for the holidays, even better for those big family gatherings.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Official Gamescom Trailer

From Star Wars to Batman and beyond, these Lego video games can be very addictive. The game play is amazing and innovative, the puzzle-solving can be challenging and the list of playable characters a major draw for fans of each respective franchise.

Including a character pool as diverse as the entire FF, X-Men and Avengers but including Marvel staff members Agent M, Alex Alonso, Joe Quesada and Howard the Duck, this could be the best way to spend an afternoon with the family (or an all-nighter with friends).

The game has a November 15th US release date.
Pre-order for X-Box 360

Pre-order for Wiiu

Pre-order for PS3


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