When Batman Killed The Joker At The End Of The Killing Joke

(Video and image via BleedingCool) On Kevin Smith’s radio show, Grant Morrison discusses why Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke is important… because Batman kills the Joker at the end. (unnecessary foul language… because it’s Kevin Smith, I guess) Like many guys my age into comic books, I got this way back when it was first printed and even met Brian Bolland and got him to sign the thing. But I never interpreted the last few panels as Batman killing the Joker. Apparently this discussion was going on back in the day but via word of mouth rather than on the non-existent internet chat rooms and in blogs (like this one).

When it was first printed, it was clear that this was not a story set within continuity. The level of violence and disturbing imagery was so outside of the norm that it was clear how this was a story that could not exist in the same world as the Batman monthly books. However, since the events have been enveloped into continuity such as the Joker crippling Barbara Gordon, that line has become blurred. Of course the tone of the monthly DC comics has also changed so that questioning this story’s placement in continuity seems absurd. Therefore, Batman could not have killed the Joker, right?

But look at the evidence…

joker-600x941 There has been much fuss over this since the story took over the net yesterday. Then the script was shared which has gotten a healthy amount of notice and puts an end to this debate over the ‘Did Batman kill the Joker?’ question. As can be seen in the actual script, Batman does not kill the Joker… so where did Grant get this from or is it just a situation in which he misinterpreted the source material?

Or was this just a simple publicity stunt?

KillingJoke Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “When Batman Killed The Joker At The End Of The Killing Joke

  1. When first saw the last panels of this story I immediately thought, “He finally killed the Joker.” I thought it was pretty obvious.


  2. I can see where I might have thought that, especially if this was a one-shot no-continuity deal… but once they incorporated the story into the regular books I wouldn’t have had any reason to think it since Barbara was shot but the Joker wasn’t dead.


  3. I agree. In fact it seemed to imply that Batman actually let him the Joker escape. That is almost is as bad as murdering him. Despite liking most of what Alan Moore writes this was one story of his that did not work for me on a number of levels.


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