The astounding art of Star Trek artist Juan Ortiz

As I have reported earlier, I have delved deeply into the lore of classic Star Trek recently which I am enjoying immensely. As my journey has progressed, I have been adorning my walls with these amazing posters  by Juan Ortiz. Celebrating each episode in these distinctive images, Ortiz has captured the character of classic Trek and transformed it through a unique vision, adapting each story into a distinctive work of art.

If you are a fan of Star Trek, you really should own these. But I warn you… as there are 40 currently available… wall space may become an issue.

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We should probably ask you about The Art of Juan Ortiz. How exciting is it for you to see all the TOS Art Prints together in one place? And what do you feel being able to experience it all in one place vs. one at a time adds to the experience of enjoying the posters? Perhaps people can find common themes?

ORTIZ: It feels a bit surreal. I haven’t seen the book yet, so I’m not really certain how I would react, but if Titan is happy with it, then I’m sure I will be also. I trust them. I am happy that it’s almost here, though. The release of all the posters until 2014 has been a bit of a wait. I think that the wait is always the worst part.

I will add that when I search for Star Trek posters on the Internet, I see a lot of diversity and storytelling in the designs. There have been some nice gallery showings also, both here and abroad. I’ve been admiring Matt Ferguson’s work these last few weeks. Marie Bergeron’s “Into Darkness” image is amazing. Dan Bob Thompson, Sub Level Studios and a host of others are doing some nice work. Star Trek is a big universe, so it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my efforts, and I enjoy seeing all of the different takes on the same subject. I can’t wait to see someone else’s take on TOS or the Next Generation.

And then there are the wine bottle labels for Votto Vines. When you started the process of doing the TOS Art Prints, did you ever imagine that three of your TOS Art Prints would end up on wine bottles? And, be honest, how many cases are you ordering for family and friends?

ORTIZ: No, I never saw that one coming. I may buy one or two for some close friends. Maybe the non-Trekfans that wouldn’t normally buy something like that. I stumbled across a set of exclusive coasters, too.

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