Missing Doctor Who episodes found?

Doctor Who is one of the most popular science fiction programs ever. Even with Star Trek in the cinemas and more Star Wars movies on the way, Doctor Who still rules the TV screens.  The most imaginative and ambitious series of its kind created in 1963, Doctor Who is more of a national treasure than anything else. In the 1960’s, Doctor Who was an experimental project, attracting a family audience with imaginative scripts, a groundbreaking signature theme and stories that were equal parts science fiction, drama and horror with a touch of something else too. Over the years the appeal and approach has shifted but the popularity has, if anything, grown.

When Doctor Who gained prominence in its 20th anniversary and repeats were screened, it became clear that many of the previous stories were incomplete. To make room in the archives and for legal reasons, film cans of negatives had been burnt. Thought lost forever, fans decided to accept the possibility that there were many adventures that would forever remain unseen by younger viewers.

In 1991, Tomb of the Cybermen was discovered in its entirety. After that, all bets were off. Since then, more missing episodes and clips have turned up but there are many gaps remaining in the archives.

Dance in the streets, raise a glass, hoot and holler… an announcement regarding missing Doctor Who episodes is on the way.


Via Kasterborous:
Last November we became aware of the possibility that lost episodes of Doctor Who had been uncovered. Today the first website to publicly break the news was Bleeding Cool.

Now, you don’t simply announce that lost episodes from the 1960s have “turned up”. Other websites have done this in the past and been rightly ridiculed for it.

We’re not yet certain which episodes have been uncovered or where, but Bleeding Cool mentions both The Tenth Planet and The Daleks’ Master Plan – which isn’t quite what we’ve herd but is welcome nevertheless.

How this pans will prove interesting in Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary year – it’s just a shame that yet another major leak has occurred…

Via RadioTimes:

• 50 Doctor Who stories were made in the 1960s

• Almost every story was a serial comprised of multiple episodes: four, six, seven etc

• Some stories are now entirely missing. Others are incomplete, ie odd episodes are missing.

• 253 individual episodes were transmitted

• 106 episodes are currently known to be missing from the BBC archive

• 44 from William Hartnell’s era as the first Doctor

• 62 from Patrick Troughton’s era as the second Doctor

These are the missing episodes that the BBC and Who fans hope to trace…


D Marco Polo (seven episodes: all missing)

1: The Roof of the World (22/02/1964)

2: The Singing Sands (29/02/1964)

3: Five Hundred Eyes (07/03/1964)

4: The Wall of Lies (14/03/1964)

5: Rider from Shang-Tu (21/03/1964)

6: Mighty Kublai Khan (28/03/1964)

7: Assassin at Peking (04/04/1964)

H The Reign of Terror (six episodes: two missing)

4: The Tyrant of France (29/08/1964)

5: A Bargain of Necessity (05/09/1964)

P The Crusade (four episodes: two missing)

2: The Knight of Jaffa (03/04/1965)

4: The Warlords (17/04/1965)

T Galaxy 4 (four episodes: three missing)

1: Four Hundred Dawns (11/09/1965)

2: Trap of Steel (18/09/1965)

4: The Exploding Planet (02/10/1965)

T/A Mission to the Unknown (one episode: missing)

1: Mission to the Unknown (09/10/1965)

U The Myth Makers (four episodes: all missing)

1: Temple of Secrets (16/10/1965)

2: Small Prophet, Quick Return (23/10/1965)

3: Death of a Spy (30/10/1965)

4: Horse of Destruction (06/11/1965)

V The Daleks’ Master Plan (12 episodes: nine missing)

1: The Nightmare Begins (13/11/1965)

3: Devil’s Planet (27/11/1965)

4: The Traitors (04/12/1965)

6: Coronas of the Sun (18/12/1965)

7: The Feast of Steven (25/12/1965)

8: Volcano (01/01/1966)

9: Golden Death (08/01/1966)

11: The Abandoned Planet (22/01/1966)

12: Destruction of Time (29/01/1966)

W The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve (four episodes: all missing)

1: War of God (05/02/1966)

2: The Sea Beggar (12/02/1966)

3: Priest of Death (19/02/1966)

4: Bell of Doom (26/02/1966)

Y The Celestial Toymaker (four episodes: three missing)

1: The Celestial Toyroom (02/04/1966)

2: The Hall of Dolls (09/04/1966)

3: The Dancing Floor (16/04/1966)

AA The Savages (four episodes: all missing)

Episode 1 (28/05/1966)

Episode 2 (04/06/1966)

Episode 3 (11/06/1966)

Episode 4 (18/06/1966)

CC The Smugglers (four episodes: all missing)

Episode 1 (10/09/1966)

Episode 2 (17/09/1966)

Episode 3 (24/09/1966)

Episode 4 (01/10/1966)

DD The Tenth Planet (four episodes: one missing)

Episode 4 (29/10/1966)


EE The Power of the Daleks
(six episodes: all missing)

Episode 1 (05/11/1966)

Episode 2 (12/11/1966)

Episode 3 (19/11/1966)

Episode 4 (26/11/1966)

Episode 5 (03/12/1966)

Episode 6 (10/12/1966)

FF The Highlanders (four episodes: all missing)

Episode 1 (17/12/1966)

Episode 2 (24/12/1966)

Episode 3 (31/12/1966)

Episode 4 (07/01/1967)

GG The Underwater Menace (four episodes: two missing)

Episode 1 (14/01/1967)

Episode 4 (04/02/1967)

HH The Moonbase (four episodes: two missing)

Episode 1 (11/02/1967)

Episode 3 (25/02/1967)

JJ The Macra Terror (four episodes: all missing)

Episode 1 (11/03/1967)

Episode 2 (18/03/1967)

Episode 3 (25/03/1967)

Episode 4 (01/04/1967)

KK The Faceless Ones (six episodes: four missing)

Episode 2 (15/04/1967)

Episode 4 (29/04/1967)

Episode 5 (06/05/1967)

Episode 6 (13/05/1967)

LL The Evil of the Daleks (seven episodes: six missing)

Episode 1 (20/05/1967)

Episode 3 (03/06/1967)

Episode 4 (10/06/1967)

Episode 5 (17/06/1967)

Episode 6 (24/06/1967)

Episode 7 (01/07/1967)

NN The Abominable Snowmen (six episodes: five missing)

Episode 1 (30/09/1967)

Episode 3 (14/10/1967)

Episode 4 (21/10/1967)

Episode 5 (28/10/1967)

Episode 6 (04/11/1967)

OO The Ice Warriors (six episodes: two missing)

Episode 2 (18/11/1967)

Episode 3 (25/11/1967)

PP The Enemy of the World (six episodes: five missing)

Episode 1 (23/12/1967)

Episode 2 (30/12/1967)

Episode 4 (13/01/1968)

Episode 5 (20/01/1968)

Episode 6 (27/01/1968)

QQ The Web of Fear (six episodes: five missing)

Episode 2 (10/02/1968)

Episode 3 (17/02/1968)

Episode 4 (24/02/1968)

Episode 5 (02/03/1968)

Episode 6 (09/03/1968

RR Fury from the Deep (six episodes: all missing)

Episode 1 (16/03/1968)

Episode 2 (23/03/1968)

Episode 3 (30/03/1968)

Episode 4 (06/04/1968)

Episode 5 (13/04/1968)

Episode 6 (20/04/1968)

SS The Wheel in Space (six episodes: four missing)

Episode 1 (27/04/1968)

Episode 2 (04/05/1968)

Episode 4 (18/05/1968)

Episode 5 (25/05/1968)

VV The Invasion (eight episodes: two missing)

Episode 1 (02/11/1968)

Episode 4 (23/11/1968)

The Space Pirates (six episodes: five missing)

Episode 1 (08/03/1969)

Episode 3 (22/03/1969)

Episode 4 (29/03/1969)

Episode 5 (05/04/1969)

Episode 6 (12/04/1969)


11 thoughts on “Missing Doctor Who episodes found?

  1. Crossing my fingers that this story is true. Would love to get my hands on some of the missing Hartnell and Throughton episodes.


  2. This would be great news… especially if it completes a bunch of stories. Worst case, if it mostly completes some where all are missing and then they might spring for animation on a single missing episode.

    Hoping this is true… and hoping it is a big find.


  3. If someone discovers time travel sometime in the future, they can go back to the mid-sixties and collect those episodes and put them somewhere where they won’t be discovered until the 50th. Hey, perhaps someone from the future read my comment?


    • Well… this was always my plan… so IF a vault of episodes has been discovered… it must in fact mean that I do one day invent time travel and go back and execute my plan!


  4. Just learned about this possible treasure trove of recovered Dr. Who today and I’m somewhat concerned about the amount of material suddenly materialising after 30+ years of the BBC searching vaults worldwide. Whilst I hope it’s true, experience dictates caution at such a ‘golden box’ of returning episodes. (Note: Reports state “returning” NOT “returned” – a crucial point most people seem to have missed.) I fear mass fan disappointment if it’s faulty information or only a limited amount of material. Complete stories? Unlikely, but one or two aren’t impossible. Enough to complete the Hartnell and Troughton eras? Extremely unlikely (given how episodes were distributed in the 60s/early 70s), but maybe enough for any remaining gaps to filled by animated episodes. [I’m not a fan of the animated episodes, but it’s better than nothing.] Whilst everyone probably wants every old Dalek and Cybermen story, it will be great to have at least one episode from ever missing 60s story – one heck of a DVD box set! (Personally I’m hoping that if ‘several episodes’ do materialise they’re from “Power of the Daleks” as I’d love to see Troughton’s first performance.)


  5. Apparently there is some controversy over this story and its validity (as you’d expect). Given that the focus seems to be a revelation on the 50th anniversary, at least we won’t have to wait long to see if it is true or not. Till then, fingers crossed.


  6. Further to my previous post indicating recovering 2 or 3 stories most likely. On statistical average discoveries (clips or episodes) seem to occur every 5 years – which bodes well for 2018. Considering Africa and Asia are ‘hotspots’, foreign finds will emerge under similar circumstances – cans unknowingly held at small TV relay stations, not national archives – e.g.: Bo in Sierra Leone..?


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