Doctor Who and The Daleks’ Master Plan adapted as a comic book!

I have such a soft spot for The Daleks’ Master Plan (click here for my article on the story)

An epic 12-part story by Terry Nation and Dennis Spooner that ran the gamut of adventure, fantasy, comedy and thriller. With so few surviving parts in the vault, it is difficult to give this story an honest rating, but from the audio recordings, novelizations and the material at hand, it looks amazing.

Now another medium can be added to the growing list of adaptations as the story is being serialized over at the excellent Doctor who fan site Kasterberous.



Here it is, ladies and gentlemen – part one of The Daleks’ Master Plan, our free adaptation of the lost Doctor Who classic that will be brought to you in episodic form every Saturday throughout the summer!

I say “we”, but really none of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of Rick Lundeen who started the project back in 2010.

Three years in the making, this is one of the only ways to enjoy the legendary incomplete serial in which the Doctor and Steven stumble upon a massive Dalek conspiracy to conquer the Solar System!

Back in 1965, The Daleks’ Master Plan kicked off five weeks before the full story with a single episode, Mission to the Unknown (also known as “Dalek Cutaway”). This acted as a big teaser for the main event, which arrived after four part serial The Myth Makers.

This time around, however, no one has to sit through The Myth Makers. Instead, you can enjoy Rick Lundeen’s superb adaptation of The Daleks’ Master Plan every week at 5.30 pm here on Kasterborous – starting today!


Below are a couple of preview images, for the whole story, click here.



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