Current Doctor to visit his own past in Doctor Who’s 50th?

As production on the 50th anniversary special continues, so do the rumors. To date, there has been no official word on the appearance of surviving classic actors Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann in the special, but there are plenty of theories such as the use of CGi to place the current Doctor Matt Smith alongside his contemporaries in previous stories. This does get around two other problems; recasting the first three Doctors as they have passed on and the fact that the surviving actors mostly look nothing like their TV past appearances.

But it also sounds like a cop out in my opinion, especially where McCoy and McGann are concerned as they could easily pass off as their TV Doctor likenesses without any assistance.

More as it comes…

tumblr_maillmkfWr1rgaj3yo3_500Via DoctorWhoTV:

In what is probably just another recycling of an old rumour, the Daily Star are claiming that the classic Doctors will appear in the 50th anniversary digitally using archive footage. David Tennant will apparently be the only Doctor to appear in the flesh.

The article states:

Viewers will see Matt Smith, 30, mingle with all the actors from the previous BBC series, including the late William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee.

TV chiefs came up with the plan, thanks to fellow sci-fi smash Star Trek.

In 1996, the cast of spin-off series Deep Space Nine had an adventure with the original Enterprise crew Captain Kirk and Mr Spock (William Shatner, 82, and Leonard Nimoy, 82) as they looked in the 1960s.

The show used hi-tech wizardry to digitally insert the young stars from Deep Space Nine into old footage from an episode called The Trouble With Tribbles, which aired in 1967.

Now BBC bosses plan to do the same. In November’s TV special to mark 50 years of Doctor Who, fans will see the current Doctor come face to face with all of the former Doctors who include Tom Baker, 79, Colin Baker, 69, and Peter Davison, 62.

He will be “placed” into clips from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to make it look as though he is really there and interacting with his old Time Lord selves.

Ex-Doctor Who star David Tennant, 42, is the only actor who will appear in the flesh in the episode.


One thought on “Current Doctor to visit his own past in Doctor Who’s 50th?

  1. I’m torn if this is true… because I agree it is still a cop out not to use the living Doctors who could pass themselves off as, well, themselves!

    But… I also have been suggesting this since Who came back in 2005.

    My suggestion was more targeted, however… in that… My idea was to put the current Doctor alongside Tom Baker and complete the Shada unfinished story with two Doctors… It would be a way to put that footage to good use and show-off the CGI wizardry like in that Deep Space Nine episode.

    I’ll have to see how they pull it off here, if this turns out to be a true rumor… but they sort of have shown off this technology already last season when they put Matt Smith digitally into that old Laurel & Hardy footage on Amy/Rory’s TV.


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