What do you mean you’ve never seen Star Wars?

starcraft-lol-and-funny-pics-hd-star-wars-darth-vader-ultima-cena-516657Hard as it may be to believe, I still meet people who have never watched one, let alone all six Star Wars films. The prequels I can excuse for my generation, the OTC for those much younger, but… none?

So the real question is how to help these people, because they do need help. There is of course the oft-quoted ‘correct sequence’ in which to watch all five movies (omitting Phantom Menace altogether), or just sticking to the untouched original trilogy films but that all requires time that neither you nor I have. It’s a right of passage and in the digital age, that bar has been raised in proving one’s self.

I give you… all six Star Wars movies at once.


2 thoughts on “What do you mean you’ve never seen Star Wars?

  1. I forget which one… but one of the early Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD volumes has a “play all” feature… and when you select that, it shows all 13 episodes on the screen at the same time. I actually watched it/them… but then that is only a 12 minute show.


  2. I was just looking at that Last Supper picture… and it occurs to me that someone missed a genius moment by not putting Lando in the painting in the spot for Judas.


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