Original “The Star Wars” Screenplay Now a Comic Book

Not a dream!

Not a hoax!

All true!

The original Star Wars to be adapted into comic book format!


Via NBC:
George Lucas’ original-draft screenplay for “Star Wars” is set to become an eight-issue comic book series, Lucas Film and Dark Horse Comics announced on Monday.

Originally written in 1974, the original draft of what ultimately became the epic franchise’s first screenplay is quite a different adventure than the one from the galaxy far, far away that was immortalized on screen. Luke Skywalker is an older Jedi general, while charismatic smuggler Han Solo is a lizard-type alien. The story’s main protagonist is named Annikin Starkiller.

There aren’t even light-sabers. Instead, there are “laser-swords.”

The series will be illustrated by former “Avengers” artist Mike Mayhew and will be “adapted” by J. W. Rinzler, who has written several Star Wars-themed books, some alongside Lucas, over the course of his career. It was during one of these encounters with Lucas that led to the creation of the book, according to a Dark Horse Comics press release.

“I once asked (Lucas) if we could adapt his rough draft,” Rinzler said in statement. “He was hesitant. Years later, with Dark Horse’s invaluable help, we showed him a few drawn and colored pages of what it might look like. He gave us the okay.”

The series, entitled, “The Star Wars,” after the name of the original screenplay, is set for a September release.

mcquarrie_heroesWhen will it be over? When the bearded man says it’s over, kid. After the prequels and alterations to the original trilogy, I am pretty burnt out on ‘new’ Star Wars stories. That said, the Star Wars franchise has had a better track record, of sorts, in comic book format than film, so I am happy to hear that it is going to gain a new lease in life (kinda) as a pulpy comic book series.



2 thoughts on “Original “The Star Wars” Screenplay Now a Comic Book

  1. Always skeptical on April 1st… but IF this were to be true, it seems odd that Disney wouldn’t want to publish such a comic themselves… though I guess if it was a Dark Horse idea they might not be able to.


  2. Not cannon to me! Only the Marvel stuff counts IMO! Why didn’t Dark Horse do this years ago? Oh…Because they KNOW they are going to lose the license soon. As far as I am concerned Marvel is where it is at. Why in the world did DH publish all the Marvel material if that wasn’t the case? So until Marvel does THE STAR WARS, it means nothing.


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