Play all 52 DC Universes in Infinite Crisis

In the 1959, the Flash was reinvented as a streamlined speedster, followed by Hawkman, Green Lantern and more until the superheroes that once ruled the printed comic book medium were back for good. In one pivotal story, writer Gardner Fox answered the question lingering on everyone’s minds… what about the ‘other’ superheroes who had existed in the 1940’s? He proposed a parallel Earth and the fun began. A near infinite number of possibilities was explored and developed.
Back in 1985, DC Editorial decided that the multiple Earth thing was silly and they merged all of the various realities down to one. This was the new status quot… until it was changed again.
Along with the Infinite Crisis and 52 story lines, 52 distinct realities were revealed. Batman was a vampire, a Victorian detective and more. Madcap inventiveness was back. Since then, not much has been done with the Multiverse (expect more when Grant Morrison’s long anticipated Multiversity slams into readers like a stack of Omnibuses)… until now.


(Via Newsarama)
The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game genre has exploded in the last 18 months, and WBIE’s own Lord of the Rings based MOBA helped bring the genre to the masses. Now, the company is teaming with developer Turbine to bring DC Comics into the arena with Infinite Crisis.

Like Marvel’s Marvel Heroes, Infinite Crisis will be playable online only, and will be free-to-play – the only charages will be to unlock characters, boosts, and other extensions like in most free-to-play games. Debuting in Fall 2013, the game is set in the DC Multiverse, with multiple versions of characters clashing, from Gotham by Gaslight Catwoman to Vampire Batman, and iconic versions of Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and beyond (Poison Ivy, Shazam, multiple Jokers, Doomsday, Flash, Zatanna all made it into initial promotional materials as well).

“We are thrilled to bring Infinite Crisis, a truly competitive experience featuring the DC Comics lore and characters, to the MOBA genre,” said Martin Tremblay, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in a press release. “Turbine is a pioneer in online gaming and combined with the amazing world of DC Comics, they are executing on a game concept that expands the MOBA genre.”

Turbine, likewise, is excited about the challenge of bringing these characters to a new arena.

“The Turbine team is very excited to reveal Infinite Crisis to the world and extend the MOBA genre with new features,” said Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer, Turbine. “We are utilizing years of experience in the online game space to deliver innovations to the MOBA genre with a game that features fast-paced action, a major story arc, destructible environments, catastrophic events and a deep roster of iconic DC Comics characters.”

As with all online games, there will be an extensive beta for Infinite Crisis.


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