Steve Ditko – The Enchanted Planet

There are so few artists in the comic book field that I would dare call masters of the form, and even fewer still alive today. One such example is the singular Steve Ditko. Co-creator of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange for Marvel Comics, he went on to develop the second Blue Beetle, Captain Atom and the Question for Charlton Comics and Shade the Changing Man and the Creeper at DC Comics to name just a few.

But it is not simply the list of characters he has created that make Steve Ditko the true master that he is. It is his ability to construct original, mind-blowing landscapes, chilling atmosphere and heart-thumping action. A man apart from others, his work remains unique in its look and feel.

This short piece takes one of his older works, ‘The Enchanted Planet,’ printed by Charlton Comics back in 1959. Set to a moody instrumental music, the panels are displayed slowly to allow the viewer to embark on a strange journey.

Also, for any Ditko enthusiasts, there is a Kickstarter campaign that I have been doing my part to promote: ‘The Ditko Public Service Package
by Robin Snyder.’
Collecting some rarities and offbeat tales, the book belongs on the shelf of the discerning Ditko fanatic. You only have 11 days left to get involved, so why not pitch in today?

Visit the official Ditko Public Service Package Kickstarter page here

One thought on “Steve Ditko – The Enchanted Planet

  1. This is interesting. Does the new Ditko package contain his essays about his work on Spider-Man? He wrote about 14 or 15 of them between 2001 and 2003. I don’t know if they have ever been collected together. If they have or if this new book contains any of those old essays or even new ones on the subject of his early years at Marvel it would be worth buying.


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