Podstallions, the plaid Stallions Podcast

I am a big fan of the Plaid Stallion blog, a place where I can reminisce over old Star Wars newspaper ads, watch crusty off-air videos of Mego dolls and leer at the weirdest vintage lingerie ads I have ever seem. This week, a podcast was started up and happily enough it is about a fan favorite topic, Doctor Who.


Doctor Who Signature tune 45 record



Genesis of the Daleks- the record narrated by Tom Baker


An off-air shot of Sarah Jane Smith in Pyramids of Mars

As an American fan, I am most familiar with the PBS airings of Tom Baker which ran from 1978 until Peter Davison was introduced in the 80’s.There were no tie-ins until 1982/3 when the Target books, Marvel Comics reprints, the role playing game, rusty home-made badges, posters and the 45 records of the signature tune along with a few cassettes of sound effects. There was just so little to get and so few places to get them aside from the odd comic book convention.

I’ll have to upload a newspaper cover featuring me in my weird Colin Baker costume.

The podcast is fascinating because it is about the experience of growing up with the program and how it differed in Canada, where it started much earlier with Jon Pertwee episodes as well as being preceded by… get this… an educational introduction. There are so many gems in this podcast about how frustrating it was to be a fan in the 70’s/80’s compared to today.

Vintage Doctor Who talking Dalek toy ad

Give this a listen, visit the blog, and be happy.

Also, please feel free to chime in with your stories about what your childhood relationship is with Doctor Who, where you grew up, and how it impacted your life.


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