Upcoming Doctor Who toys and collectibles

doctor_who_50th_anniversaryComing soon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who are these amazing collectibles and toys. The talking Daleks are absolutely superb and include unique phrases and gun death ray sounds. I am addicted to these lil guys and am amazed by the inclusion of the Madame Tussaud Dalek design (I think I am right in that). The building figures are a lot of fun and this new run expands the classic and new Doctors by offering up variations of costumes from the Necros mourning blue suit Colin Baker attire to the rarely seen blue-jacketed Paul McGann!


Of course it is lovely to see another version of the Brigadier from Claws of Axos (along with another alien, the Axon, and the adorable Jo Grant). I’m still waiting on figures of the Yeti, the Destroyer, the Haemovores and the Quarks… but I can wait.


New talking Daleks including the Madame Tussaud’s version!


New Building Figures including variants of each Doctor


The Second Doctor and Emperor’s Guard from Evil of the Daleks

sixth_doctor_with_dalek copy

Sixth Doctor and Necros Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks


New series Cyberman from upcoming Neil Gaiman story in 2013


Axon, Jo Grant and the Brigadier from Claws of Axos

Most of these figures are only available overseas from Forbidden Planet so you may have to hunt these down on ebay, or wait for them to appear in specialty shops such as Suncoast video. You can also ask your local comic shop to order them.

However you get them, these items are fantastic ways to celebrate the longest running TV science fiction program.

… and what can we expect for the 50th anniversary special? One can only hope.


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