Petition Tybee Diskin for The Wasp!

waspMarvel’s Avengers film is one of the biggest money making flicks at the moment and promises to spin off into various other projects including sequels that explore the other members of the superhero team. One of the founding members who is often overlooked is the wondrous Wasp.

Ant Man met Janet van Dyne after he investigated the murder of her famous scientist father. He was almost immediately smitten by her, but reluctant to become involved after only recently becoming widowed. Nonetheless, they became partners in fighting crime when he mutated her body so that she could not only shrink her body to insect-size but also grow wings and was able to fire stings at her foes. Traditionally, she pestered the workaholic Pym for attention and flirted with everyone from Thor to Iron Man in order to make him jealous. In time she developed into a more fully fleshed out character and at one point even led the team.

Her abilities may seem even more useless than Ant Man’s, but it’s all in how you use her as a character, as you can no doubt see in the animated Avengers series where she single-handedly held her own against several heavy hitters. A spunky and sexy but courageous personality, there is a lot to gain by including the Wasp in the next Avengers film (and perhaps the Ant Man movie). But who should play the winsome Wasp?

Allow me to offer up a suggestion…

tybeewasppicsDear Edgar Wright, Joss Whedon, and the Casting Team at Marvel Studios,

We, the undersigned, do hereby voice our urgent and pressing desire to see actress Tybee Diskin auditioned for the role of Janet van Dyne, AKA The Wasp, in Edgar Wright’s upcoming adaptation of Ant-Man and the ongoing Avengers Saga.

Best known for her performance as Scarlett in the “Fallout: Nuka Break” webseries (based on the popular video game), Diskin has built a modest online entertainment empire on the strength of her comic timing, her casual naturalism, and her love of genre. While fans know and support Diskin as a comic action star, her background is in classical theater and informs her body of work with the practiced grace and timing of Hollywood’s enduring icons. Most recently, Diskin’s fan community brought her to the attention of 8 Sided Films, who has now cast her in the leading role of Dr. Chelsea Barrington in the upcoming science-fiction heist movie Quantum Theory.

For a look at Tybee Diskin’s reel, resume, and projects, visit her profile page on the 8 Sided Forum:

Casting the role of Janet van Dyne will undoubtedly present enormous challenges to you and your team. On the one hand, The Wasp is the emotional brain of the Avengers. Whoever takes this role must not only hold her own against the wit of Robert Downey Jr., the sensibility of Chris Evans, the passion of Chris Hemsworth and the depth of Mark Ruffalo, but will actually have to redirect and channel the epic conflicts that arise between these titans! On the other hand, The Wasp embodies everything that is truly great about the characters of Marvel Comics. Her approach to managing relationships is not to dominate or control people, but to hear, understand and work with them. Her wits and her sense of humor are her greatest weapons. The Wasp has gone up against some of the greatest supervillains in the Marvel Universe. She survives these encounters not by being tough, but by letting things go.

Who has the craft and the cool to walk into a room full of today’s most acclaimed performers and provide THAT kind of emotional leadership? Who’s quick enough on her feet to trick Tony Stark, sweet talk Steve Rogers, chastise Thor into apologizing and exasperate the Hulk into actually giving up and calming down? Who looks great in the yellow wings and MEANS IT?

TYBEE DISKIN! But don’t take our word for it! Gentlemen, all we ask is that you audition her.

Yours truly,
The Fans and Colleagues of Tybee Diskin

Acting reel

Petition Tybee Diskin for The Wasp by clicking here!


One thought on “Petition Tybee Diskin for The Wasp!

  1. Do we know what version of Ant Man they are going to do in the film? I haven’t read much about it… but had a bad feeling like they might go with a non Henry Pym Ant Man film….. and if they don’t go with Pym, I wonder if that would leave the Wasp out in the flower fields…


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