Is Chris Nolan in charge of Justice League? Will Christain Bale return as Batman?

The Justice League motion picture, a project that would potentially depict the heavy hitters of the DC Universe, made most familiar to members of my generation by the Super Friends cartoon. A Justice League movie would feature Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern and possibly Martian Manhunter and Aquaman (they’d be fools to not include the King of Atlantis no matter what anyone says) all on screen at the same time fighting some monumental foe(s).
challenge of the superfriends
However, there have been numerous setbacks including budgetary concerns and the unimpressive results of the Green Lantern movie which was intended to pave the way for the JLA as Iron Man took the first steps toward an Avengers project. Warner Bros. is now hoping that Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan’s Man of Steel will fill that role and the movie can finally get underway. Rumor is that the script is a mess and the casting still in wraps. Will the team consist of all new faces or will there be any returning actors?

Take a massive cube of salt with these rumors… but here they are.


Image from Injustice: Gods Among Us


The impossible may be happening, fans — we could be returning to Gotham City at the same bat-time, same bat-channel. Latino Review is reporting that director Christopher Nolan is in talks to come back for more. More Batman, that is. But in what manner? Not what you’d expect — read on for details!

Keep in mind, the reports are that negotiations and talks are still ongoing and nothing is set in stone yet. So, this news is all tentative at the moment, but the reports from Latino Review jibe with what I’ve heard from some of my own sources. Batman-On-Film (BOF) has some additional insights in Bill Ramey’s report as well.*

The director would reportedly bring Batman back to the screen in the same overall “world” that existed in the previous three films… and Christian Bale is reportedly expected to return as Bruce Wayne!

But if that’s not enough of a shocking revelation for you, try this on for size: the new film would actually be a team-up film, putting Nolan’s Batman alongside Henry Cavill reprising his role as the new cinematic Superman (introduced in this summer’s upcoming Man of Steel from Nolan, Zack Snyder, and David Goyer) and possibly/probably additional superheroes as well.


Image from Injustice: Gods Among Us

That’s right, dear readers, the Nolan Batman may be teaming up with the rebooted Superman, in a Justice League movie (or, possibly, a Superman-Batman team-up movie, but Justice League seems more likely at the moment).

At this time, Nolan is reportedly in talks to be involved as producer, with Snyder as a producer and possible director, and it might involve a story by Goyer.

This is among the biggest film news of the year, along with the announcement of Disney buying LucasFilms to develop new Star Wars movies. And it would involve one of the most powerful filmmaking teams, coming aboard what could potentially become the biggest superhero franchises in cinema.

The story is getting lots of momentum, including IGN:

Christian Bale is in talks to reprise his role as Batman in DC’s upcoming Justice League movie, Christopher Nolan will oversee the project, and Man of Steel-helmer Zack Snyder will produce – and possibly direct – if a new report from Latino Review is to be believed.

The website claims that Nolan is now in charge of the entire DCU at Warner Bros., and is in discussions to act as a sort of Godfather to the project, as well as produce alongside Zack Snyder. The studio allegedly wants the film to be set in the same universe as Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, which naturally means a return of Bale’s Batman. Not only that, but Justice League would also tie in with Snyder’s gritty Man of Steel, which means – you guessed it – Bale’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman would appear in the same universe, in the same movie, at the same time.

As the website correctly notes, Bale wouldn’t be against reprising the role, as long as the story was right. “I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work,” he told Empire Magazine last summer.

So what is your opinion?

Do you think Bale will star in a Justice League movie? If so, it would grant some credibility to the project and generate lots of excitement rather than recasting the part once more.

The JLA by Alex Ross

The JLA by Alex Ross

Justice League has a tentative June 2015 release date.


8 thoughts on “Is Chris Nolan in charge of Justice League? Will Christain Bale return as Batman?

  1. In Italy, we call “defeated by history” someone or something that worked for a certain period of time, and then the world changed, the tastes of the general public evolved… and some people and things that had been widely appreciated in the past started being ignored, or even panned. Hawkman is a perfect example of a character “defeated by history.” He’s one of the most iconic DC characters, and now even the youngest DC superhero (Batwing) and the worst Green Arrow of all time (Nocenti’s one) sell more than him.


    • I’m not exactly sure how your statement applies to this situation, but it is undoubtedly the cleverest thing I have seen on this blog (apologies to the brilliant and erudite Hal).


      • I saw Hawkman in the first picture you uploaded, those thoughts came to my mind, and I decided to share them with you. Now that you make me think about it, my comment can easily seem off topic. : ) Thank you for your compliments and for your reply! : )


  2. “Apologies to the brilliant and erudite Hal”, why thank you very much kind sir! I’m not feeling well but I’ll try to say something to live up to that in the future – if only to provide a challenge for the learned Mr Wayne. Heh.
    “Defeated by history” is an interesting phrase, it seems highly applicable to Superman once DC’s most popular character now lagging far behind Batman in both the comic book world and in terms of mainstream esteem. Obviously, it’s important to note that being “defeated by history” doesn’t imply any moral or even intellectual triumph; it would be troublesome if we saw changes in mass taste as necessarily being for the better, after all plenty of people are idiots! *Especially* in crowds, groupthink often tends toward the conservative. Although wwayne thankfully doesn’t do so, many people who employ the word “evolution” to describe alterations in mass taste (when the plainer word “change” would do just as well, if not considerably better) imply that this is perforce change for the “better”, for the “sophisticated” rather than *just* change, evolution is impersonal so it’s a mistake to imagine that *all* changes in *popular* taste must be for the better. Hah, well, that my pontificatin’ for the day done with. I will say that Superman is still a strong concept and that his “defeat by history” is as much the fault of lack of imagination as it is of the misuse of the character or of a failure of the central idea or “ideal”.


    • You’re right when you say that Batman stood the test of time far better than Superman. I think it’s because nowadays people prefer darker, edgier superheroes, so a classic, light hearted and mild mannered one like Superman or Captain America is not as appreciated as before. Yes, of course those characters will always have a large fan base, but now they’re not at the forefront of comics anymore. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! : )


  3. It’s interesting to note that Captain America has actually had a boost in popularity over the past near decade with Brubaker’s run (whatever one think of it) proving popular *and* the successful movie. There *is* a slightly darker feel in the comics but he’s essentially the same character as ever. Arguably he’s now known to a greater audience than at any time since the 1940s. Which is, as I say, pretty interesting! You’re obviously right to say that many people (have been programmed to?) prefer “darker” more cynical heroes (“heroes”?) but the likes of the Doctor in Doctor Who are still successful. It’s worth remembering to that All-Star Superman was a hit not so long ago so I think Supes has stood the test of time. Batman is popular partly because he suits the tenor of the times and he *appears* more “realistic” so it’s easier for some to “believe” in him even when he’s in terrible stories or the supposed realism is actually ludicrous (after all he dresses as a bat, man!) and portentous. There I go pontificating again!


  4. I still maintain that only bad stories ruin good characters. Not off the top of my head… but give me time, and I could easily find a bunch of great Superman stories that even the sourest “I’m sick of Superman” people would enjoy if they made the story into a movie.

    I’m not a huge Hawkman fan either… but if they did a story based on some of the best stuff… the mash-up of alien race vs reincarnated ancient Egyptians… and threw Black Adam in for good measure? Put some money into F/X and Hawkman can be cool.

    I was just reminiscing on the JL cartoon recently, and they did some good stuff with Hawkgirl there, especially in season 2…

    It’s all too easy to remember the crap stuff and think how horrible a particular character is, or how time has passed them by… but the truly inspired/great stories do stand the test of time. You just have to find them, and Hollywood has to develop those instead of going for the quick hits and taking shortcuts.


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