Hulk 3 movie rumors

hulk-lancer1According to LatinoReview (an excellent source for comic book news), there is a grand scheme to capitalize and harness the magic that the Hulk enjoyed in the Avengers movie. The modern Jekyll and Hyde story of a mild-mannered scientist’s id obtaining physical form as a raging green behemoth, the Hulk is one of Marvel Comics’ most recognizable characters (and one of my personal faves). The Hulk has had a monumental TV series and two rather lackluster motion pictures (I enjoyed both, personally, but Marvel Studios was unconvinced by the returns on Incredible Hulk).

Since he appeared in the Avengers, however, the story has changed and fans want more of the green Goliath. Actor Mark Ruffalo signed a multi-picture deal, but there are as of yet no official stand-alone Hulk pictures into 2015.

That may change…

(Select the text below to reveal the secret rumor)

Story goes that the Avengers 2 film will see the Hulk declared a threat so great that he gets tricked into a rocket and flown off-planet… which will spin off into a stand alone Planet Hulk movie leading to World War Hulk in Avengers 3 when he returns… 


One thought on “Hulk 3 movie rumors

  1. That could make for a good movie… I thought the comic was a bit overly drawn out… but the basics of the story could work well in a single movie.


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