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Crypt Of Horror TPB Vol. 16
Now published more frequently, by popular demand! This month, another macabre compilation of 1950’s horror classics including ‘Hands of Horror,’ ‘Manhunt,’ ‘The Howling Head,’ ‘Noose of Pearls,’ Coffin Maker,’ ‘Sand,’ ‘Soul Stealer,’ and ‘Forgotten Room’!

Jack Kirby Collector #60
Jack Kirby Collector continues in its new format, with a Fantastic Four follow-up issue to #58’s ‘The Wonder Years.’

It starts with a dynamic, never-before published Kirby FF wraparound cover (and wait’ll you see the flip side)! Also, we present a dual interview between classic FF inkers Joe Sinnott and Dick Ayers.

Then, there’s a rare Lee & Kirby interview, and we compare one of Jack and Stan’s FF Bullpen story conferences to what ended up on Stan’s final script and Jack’s penciled pages.

Home > Superior Spider-Man #2
By: Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman
The All-Now Superior Spider-Man battles All-New Sinister Six!

PLUS: Spider-Man and Mary Jane…REUNITED!

PLUS: Slott and Stegman… REUNITED!

Shadow Double Novel Vol. 69
By: Maxwell Grant/Walter Gibson, Paul Orban
The Master of Darkness battles global crime conspiracies in two classic pulp novels!

Following the departure of Commissioner Weston, The Shadow attempts to prevent a Wall Street crisis brought on by ‘The Garaucan Swindle,’ in the pulp classic that introduced Police Commissioner Wainwright Barth.

Then, The Shadow must find a way to stop the secret gas that causes ‘The Death Sleep’ to prevent a criminal plot to crack the United States Mint and the Bank of London.

Hellraisers Graphic Biographies GN
By: Robert Sellars, Jake
Raise a glass to the story of four of the greatest actors-and boozers-of all time: Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O’Toole, and Oliver Reed. This inventive graphic work seamlessly weaves their four biographies into one fast-paced adventure of drunken binges, orgies, parties, and fun. The story begins at a London pub one sorry Christmas and is told through the eyes of Martin, a wannabe hellraiser sitting at the end of the bar alone, drinking himself into oblivion. He’s joined in turn by Burton, Harris, Reed, and O’Toole, who take Martin on tours of their tumultuous childhoods, rises to stardom, and chaotic personal lives.

Avengers #4
By: Jonathan Hickman, Adam Kubert, Dustin Weaver

The Secret Origin of Hyperion.

The Legacy of the Garden unfolds in the Savage Land.

‘We’ll have to field test our theories here. NOW.’ –Dr. Deeds

Batman The Dark Knight #16
By: Gregg Hurwitz, Ethan Van Sciver
Welcome new series artist Ethan Van Sciver!

Do you dare journey into the twisted world of the Mad Hatter?

Batman has discovered a trail of bodies but no leads as he realizes that this is unlike any Mad Hatter case he’s seen before.

Hawkeye #7
By: Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber, Jesse Hamm, David Aja
We’re pushing the next story back by a month to make room for a timely story about Hawkeye and Kate Bishop dealing with the ramifications of a hurricane that hammers the east coast.

With lovely art by the Eisner Award Winning artist Steve Leiber and newcomer Jesse Hamm, it’s a perfect pause before the next Fraction/Aja mini-opus begins….featuring the reveal of a villain that I can promise you no one sees coming.

Batman Incorporated #7
By: Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham
The fight to reclaim Gotham City begins!

Batman, Inc., takes the offensive against Talia and Leviathan!

It’s Damian vs. Heretic – and if Damian loses, the city dies!

Conan Of Cimmeria Ltd Deluxe HC
By: Robert E. Howard, Gregory Manchess
Strictly limited to 1,000 copies and individually signed and numbered by award-winning artist Gregory Manchess.

This deluxe, slipcased, hardcover edition of Robert E. Howard’s Complete Conan of Cimmeria Volume 3 features 13 color paintings and 52 tonal paintings by Manchess, and contains ‘The Servants of Bit-Yakin,’ ‘Beyond the Black River,’ ‘The Black Stranger,’ ‘The Man Eaters,’ and ‘Red Nails,’ plus over 200 pages of never-before-seen material straight from the Robert E. Howard archives: synopses, plot outlines, characters, initial drafts, original ideas, etc.

Creepy Archives Volume 15 HC
By: Rich Margopoulos, Doug Moench, Gerry Boudreau, Budd Lewis, Don McGregor, Carl Wessler, Jeff Rovin, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, José Gual, Luis Bermejo, Bernie Wrightson, José Ortiz, Ken Kelly, Vincente Alcazar, Martin Salvador, Richard Corben
When Creepy teams up with Edgar Allan Poe, you know you’re in for a terrifying treat! The latest volume includes a whopping twelve tales adapted from the founding father of short-form horror himself and features work by Richard Corben, Bernie Wrightson, Luis Bermejo, José Gual, and others! Volume 15 collects issues #69-#72 of Warren Publishing’s anthology.

* A special Creepy #71 features art by Luis Bermejo and #72 features art by José Gual.

* New introduction by horror writer/actor/director Larry Fessenden!

James Bond FAQ All Thats Left To Know
By: Tom DeMichael
A favorite of film followers for 50 years, James Bond is the hero loved by everyone: Men want to be just like him, women just want to be with him.

James Bond FAQ is a book that takes on the iconic cinema franchise that’s lasted for so many years. Sometimes serious as SPECTRE, sometimes quirkier than Q, but always informative, this FAQ takes the reader behind-the-scenes, as well as in front of the silver screen. Everyone’s included, alongside little-known facts like TV’s first shot at 007, the same Bond story that was made into two different films, whatever happened to those wonderful gizmos, plus much more. It’s a book for the casual, as well as hardcore, James Bond fan.

Hellboy in Hell #1 (2nd Printing)
By: Mike Mignola
After saving the world in The Storm and The Fury, but sacrificing himself and Great Britain, Hellboy is dead, cast into Hell, where he finds many familiar faces, and a throne that awaits him.

Mike Mignola returns to draw Hellboy’s ongoing story for the first time since Conqueror Worm. It’s a story only Mignola could tell, as more of Hellboy’s secrets are at last revealed, in the most bizarre depiction of Hell you’ve ever seen.

Hellboy in Hell #1 launched to rave reviews and sold out immediately! Dark Horse goes back for a second printing, featuring an all-new cover by Mike Mignola!

“Hellboy in Hell #1 is indescribably good. No amount of hyperbole can do the book justice. Mike Mignola is back and better than ever.” -Newsarama

All Star Western #16
By: Justin Gray, Moritat, Walter Simonson
Hex is being driven mad as he recuperates at Dr. Arkham’s house, where he meets more of the Arkham family than anyone would ever want to – until an uninvited guest drops by, and it’s an all-out brawl as Hex tries to take Hyde out and get the Black Diamond!

And in the backup story, Tomahawk leads a gathering of Native American tribes in a final stand to protect their homeland.

Draw #24
Draw! gets up-close and in the studio with illustrator Glen Orbik, as he demos how he creates his fully painted noir paperback and comic covers for Marvel, DC Comics, and others! Then we jump from comics to animation as Draw! interviews Robert Valley (pioneer of the cutting-edge psychedelic animation for Harmonix Music Systems’ The Beatles: Rock Band music video). Plus there’s the latest installment of Comic Art Bootcamp with editor Mike Manley and Bret Blevins, reviews of new art supplies by Crusty Critic Jamar Nicholas, and a Rough Critique of a newcomer’s work by Bob McCloud!

Journey Into Mystery #648
By: Kathryn Immonen, Valerio Schiti, Jeff Dekal
Lady-like? There’s no lady like SIF! Spoiling for a fight since the day she was born, Sif makes her OWN action!

Exiled to a forgotten island, things heat up when our heroine falls in with a group of brutal Asgardian savages! Whatever is a lady to do?!

Why, join them in their millennia-old battle against monsters of course!

Aquaman #16
By: Geoff Johns, Paul Pelletier, Eddy Barrows

Continuing from this month’s JUSTICE LEAGUE #16!

Torn between Ocean Master and the League in this penultimate chapter of ‘Throne of Atlantis, Aquaman is pushed toward an impossible choice!

The monstrous Trench are back – and they’re hungry!

Dark Avengers #186
By: Jeff Parker, Neil Edwards, Joe Quinones

Activity #11
By: Nathan Edmondson, Mitch Gerads

There is a bomb in Minneapolis, and Team Omaha finds themselves poised to stop it – while back at the ISA headquarters, a grave revelation is about to come to light.

Dark Shadows #13
By: Mike Raicht, Guiu Vilanova, Francesco Francavilla
A glimpse of the dark future of the Collins’ bloodlines is revealed. What horrors reside in Collinwood in the year 1984? Will Barnabas be able to find out where it all went wrong and stop it? Or has his family’s fate already been written in blood?

Talon #4
By: Scott Snyder, Guillem March
Talon battles his past and future in Metropolis!

Things are getting tense for Calvin Rose as he tries to escape Metropolis without losing the reason he left the Court of Owls in the first place. But standing in his way is one of the Court’s most lethal weapons!

Home > Models > Profile: Fireflash 1/350 Scale Model Kit
Imported from Japan!

From the beloved Gerry Anderson series Thunderbirds comes this 1/350-scale model kit of the nuclear-powered hypersonic Fireflash airliner!

Some assembly required.

Hawkeye Classic Avengers Fine Art Statue
A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Created in 1964 by Stan Lee and artist Don Heck, Clint Barton was an orphan working in a carnival who learned archery to become a master marksman. After dabbling in crime he chose the path of righteousness and became a costumed superhero, working alongside the Avengers for years and gaining huge popularity among Marvel’s readers. Barton joins the original trio of Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man in his iconic original costume: HAWKEYE CLASSIC AVENGERS! You’ve seen the latest incarnation of Hawkeye in the Avengers film and now you can celebrate his classic look in this amazing new fine art statue. Wearing his traditional dark blue and purple costume, Hawkeye defends the Earth from the greatest threats with a smirk on his face and the Avengers to back him up. The master archer stands on a rocky outcropping, resting his right arm on his knee as he surveys the battlefield looking for his next target. The hero’s sculpt really captures the character from the features of his classic costume to the subtle details of his pose like Barton’s thumb testing the edge of his bladed arrow and the flowing movement of his cloth-like tabard. Every element of Hawkeye’s classic costume has been recreated from the skin-tight cowl with pointed mask and ‘H’ logo to the scale mail-like chest piece, bracelets, and retro cuffed boots. And while he holds his trusty bow and one arrow at the ready, look closely to see that the hero’s quiver is still fully stocked! As a special addition, Hawkeye’s base even includes the severed arm and head of Avenger’s foe Ultron, with an arrow sticking out of the robot’s eye for good measure. Classic Avengers Hawkeye stands 13 inches tall (1/6 scale). His rocky terrain base matches those on the other Classic Avengers, the previously released Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man so you can display them individually or as a team!

Justice League Dark #16
By: Jeff Lemire, Mikel Janin
The team is trapped on a magic-less planet that makes a horrible mockery of their powers!

With time running out, Tim Hunter may be the team’s last chance to escapeÖif Steve Trevor doesn’t seal their fate first!

Keep an eye out for a new character based on a winning design from SyFy’s popular show Face Off! !

Global Frequency TPB
By: Warren Ellis, Garry Leach, Brian Wood
Collecting the entire GLOBAL FREQUENCY 12-issue series in one volume!

Global Frequency is a worldwide rescue organization that offers a last shred of hope when all other options have failed. Manned by 1,001 operatives, the Frequency is made up of experts in fields as diverse as bio-weapon engineering and Le Parkour Running. Each agent – equipped with a special mobile vid-phone – is specifically chosen by Miranda Zero, enigmatic leader of the Global Frequency, based on proximity, expertise, and, in some cases, sheer desperation!

Flash #16
By: Francis Manapul
The Flash takes Grodd into the Speed Force in a last-ditch effort to defeat the mad gorilla! And…he loses?!

Plus: The Rogues, the introduction of a major villain and a look at the one and only date between Barry Allen and Iris West in The New 52!


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