What does David Lynch do all day?

I love his movies, I love his artwork… but what does filmmaker David Lynch do on his off days? Does he even have an off day?

The following video makes me ashamed of my video game/dvd watching/comic book sorting/puttering about the apartment habits. Instead of doing any of those things, I could be doing… whatever the hell David Lynch is doing here.

(via biblioklept.org)

Bonus video: David Lynch on making Dune in 1985.

I saw Blue Velvet as a very young kid (thanks for the psycho-analysis, mom) and became a fan of his other films later in life (especially Inland Empire, Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway). I saw Dune back in the day in the cinema with my dad and brother who both blamed me for it being a mess. We were all expecting Star Wars, so imagine our confusion. I have since tried several times to get into it without much success. This interview makes me want to try once again.


6 thoughts on “What does David Lynch do all day?

  1. Dune feels like a two hour-plus trailer for the actual never-made story; I think this may be true of the “Alan Smithee” extended cut as well. That said, there is quite a bit of interesting and/or weird visual material (and, ofcourse, silly embarassing stuff as well) so it isn’t entirely a dead loss. And we got Blue Velvet afterward, so there’s that!
    Did anyone see On the Air, the “lost” Lynch tv series? Now, *that* was bizarre. A peculiar sitcom from the 5th dimension. I think Miguel Ferrer, the great Albert from Twin Peaks, appeared in it but years have passed since I saw it.


  2. I am also a fan of David Lynch though I haven’t seen all of his films. Blue Velvet is one of my favorites but Eraserhead is probably the best of all of his films. Did you ever watch Twin Peaks? If so you should do a review of it.


    • I have watched Twin Peaks but aside from the general concept and a few key moments am not a fan. It delves far too deeply into TV drama territory for me. All the romances and subplots become a bit much for my taste. I get that’s the point, I’d just rather fast forward through 80% of it.


  3. Speaking of people I have not seen in a long time. Can anyone remember when they heard from King Hulk Marco? He was a very nice fellow. I hope he is well.


  4. Yes, I remember KHM as well. He was commenting on a Hulk weblog (unsurprisingly!) but that was some time ago, I think. I hope he’s okay as well, and you too Zeno.


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