Celebrate the Doctor Who 50th anniversary in the post

DalekStampDoctor Who has of course had similar recognition from the Royal Post in the past, but this latest celebration coincides with the monumental 50th anniversary and centers on the 11 Doctors to date. It’s interesting how some of the stamp images are better than other with Colin Baker coming out trumps in my book while both Matt Smith and Peter Davison look less impressive.

Anyone have relatives in the UK who could send me a set?

Via BBC News

Tom Baker, David Tennant and Patrick Troughton are to feature on a special set of Royal Mail stamps in 2013.

The collection marks the 50th anniversary of sci-fi show Doctor Who, with all 11 Doctors getting their own first class stamp.

Four of the show’s most notorious villains, including the Daleks and the Cybermen, star on the second class set.

The show first ran from 1963 to 1989. A successful revival returned it to Saturday night schedules in 2005.

Andrew Hammond of the Royal Mail said the commemorative selection “pay tribute to the brilliant actors that have played the Doctor over the years, as well as the adversaries that helped make the show so popular”.

The time travelling adventurer is currently played by Matt Smith.

Joining him for the 50th anniversary year is new co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman, who played Clara in the Christmas Day episode, and will be the Doctor’s new companion in the 2013 series.

(Special thanks to SJV for the heads up on this one.)


11 thoughts on “Celebrate the Doctor Who 50th anniversary in the post

  1. You’re welcome šŸ™‚ It is my first semi-official “scoop”!

    I really want these too… I signed up on the Royal Mail Web site. There is an implication that you can order these from anywhere… so I’ll be curious as to what the cost is, especially for shipping to the US. I’m hoping to be able to get some for myself and my sister and her husband who are also Doctor Who buffs.

    I’m not a big stamp collector… but for certain things like this, I like to get a couple of sheets.

    It looks like the classic Doctors are all shots from the opening credits… I guess for the modern Doctors, since their faces hadn’t been in the opening credits they picked a face. Matt Smith’s expression looks to be one of surprise to find himself on a stamp!


    • Continuing that theme… Eccleston looks like his interest is piqued and he would like to join in… while McGann looks disgusted at the whole thing.



  2. “…Eccleston looks like his interest is piqued and he would like to join in…”, awww, SJV, nooo (looking at the Eccleston image after reading that does make his expression look perverse)! I’m not surprised McGann looks like that, then. Ha. It’s a pity that the Sylvester-Doctor’s title sequence image isn’t of him winking (I said *winking*…) to make it even more hilariously dubious.
    Did you read that Eccleston was asked whether he would do something for the anniversary and made a comment to the effect that “if he told them that he’d have to shoot them”? Verry in-der-ess-ting…
    Guys, have you heard that there are to be eleven Doctor Who novels republished? (see the Kasterborous website et al for details) Annoyingly they’ve taken a grab-bag approach, so instead of reprinting some of the Virgin books or indeed simply more acclaimed novels, they’ve chosen a few middling tomes. Particularly frustrating and idiotic is the fact that the (admittedly very good) Remembrance of the Daleks novelisation has been chosen over one of the many long out-of-print Virgin novels, even though the better of those worked as *real novels*. Similarly irritating are some of the author choices (Gary Russell?), worse, those behind the idea seem pleased with themselves for *not* choosing the *best* novels. Bizarre way to celebrate. But hey! some of the choices are readable enough if not up to much! Moan ends.


    • I read that and even saw a video clip of the guy interviewing Eccleston. I found it interesting in that while being evasive, he seemed WAY more positive than the stuff I usually read about him… which makes me wonder if there isn’t something brewing after all.

      There had better be something… since what I have read seems to indicate that these 8 episodes we will be getting in the spring might be it until the documentary and some kind of special on the 50th anniversary. From what I can gather, outside of those and a Christmas special… series 8 isn’t scheduled to air until 2014! Which is just crazy… but I haven’t heard anything that contradicts that.

      I had not heard about the novels… To be fair, though, about all I know about any of the novels is that they exist. I’ve been fairly ignorant otherwise.

      Oh… since we’re throwing the kitchen sink in here… I read somewhere, that the UK has a Blu-ray release of Spearhead from Space on the schedule. Hoping for a US release sometime around then… I think also in the Spring. I gather Spearhead is the only Doctor Who classic story shot completely on film, and they have been working on it for the anniversary since they can. I’ll be looking forward to that as much as anything probably this year.


  3. I see your kitchen sink and raise you one dishwasher! Hm. Intriguing news about the Spearhead blu-ray. I wonder how that’ll work, the story was – as you know – made on pretty crappy 16mm film so they would have to do a lot of work with it, and they can’t mess around with it too much otherwise it won’t look right. I’m looking forward to the Ark in Space Special Edition with new features to stand alongside the original dvd and of course it’s one of the Greatest Doctor Who Stories Ever! Moffat has made some cryptic comments hinting at more to come but that could just be hype, the BBC have been employing corporate-speak to express how great the anniversary will be but it’s unclear what form the celebrations will take, it *sounds* like there’s just one Special a la The Five Doctors yet there may be more; anything else no man can say…
    I’ve seen Outside-In, the book featuring Dailypop’s Kroll review, advertised in Doctor Who Magazine so I hope to get that. I may order that for my birthday next week. Woo-hoo!
    Have you got The Legacy Collection boxset? Jameson’s mentioned that before I think, it came out on Monday and features What-Exists-of-Shada, a ’90s Whoumentary, and various documentaries etc. I wondered if you, Jameson, or anyone else who happens to read this has got it, and if so what you think of it. I’m particulary interested in the Nick Courteney biodoc – with guest appearance by Tom Baker! – and on anyone’s opinion of the set. The price is probably a little steep for me for what is an unfinished serial, a pretty straightahead 1990s documentary, and various odds and ends (plus Gareth Roberts and Clay Hickman doubtless being annoying and Camille Coduri too!) but I’m interested to hear what anyone else thinks.
    Just watched Tomb o t Cybermen Episode 1 – very witty and entertaining with hilarious double entendres in the opening minutes. That’s the way to do it!


    • Jameson usually picks up the UK releases, so he might have it… I wait for the US releases, and we don’t always get the same box sets as the UK. We usually eventually get the same content… but it just might not be in the same box set. I have fallen behind in my Who-buying except when I find a bargain too hard to pass up… so there are a lot of recent DVD releases that I have not yet picked up. I also haven’t been re-buying the special editions for the most part. I think the only ones I re-bought so far are the 25th Anniversary one and Remembrance of the Daleks…


  4. One more thing… Spearhead from Space blu-ray is due for release on July 15, and its high definition “facelift” has given it a cinematic finish – it says here šŸ˜‰


  5. I got Revisitations 3 because it was at a low, low price but I can’t really justify buying the Special Editions of Who stories I already have unless I can get them more cheaply (so no Revisitations 1 or 2 as yet… Boo) and if the special features are worth it. I too haven’t bought a Doctor Who dvd for an age, I think the last was either Revisitations 3 or Nightmare of Eden, and there’ve been some I really wanted! (I bought Day of the Daleks whenever that came out and Mara Tales some ago).
    Still waiting for Terror of the Zygons but it’s depressing that Lis Sladen won’t be on it for obvious reasons. Sigh.


    • The last new DVD I bought was “The Ark”… Best Buy had it for $9.99 recently for some random reason… Prior to that, I can’t remember the last new classic Doctor Who DVD I bought. I did get lucky a couple of months back, though, when someone traded in a bunch at a local used book/movie store and I happened to be there the day they put them on the shelf… I picked up at least a half-dozen semi-recent releases that I had not bought when they were new.

      I’m not horrible far behind… have WAY more than I don’t have… The cool thing is, since it is a show about Time Travel… it’s actually kind of fun to watch the classic series out of order on purpose šŸ™‚


      • I have been buying them all like a good lil do-be since 2003. I think the only ones I missed on initial release was Trial of a Timelord. I even have the special editions and the Davros set (why? well, for the audios and The Davros Connections documentary, of course!).

        Still waiting on the latest release but it is in the post. We should arrange for viewings if you ever want to preview a DVD before shelling out the dough.


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