Star Trek: Into the Darkness preview

Very short window on this leaked footage of a 10 minute preview for the new Star Trek film shot in the theater (I’m 90% sure I can hear squee-ing). The film reunites the cast of the reboot; Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, Zachary Quinto as the Spock, Karl Urban as Bones McCoy, Simon Pegg as Scotty and introduces Benedict Cumberbatch as a mystery villain, John Harrison.

Details are slim on the new movie, but a short has revealed that it involves genetic manipulation (which caused many to think that this would be linked to the program that produced Khan Noonien Singh from the classic TV series and popular Wraith of Khan feature film). The new footage shows that Harrison is a scientist offering a solution for a young father (played by Doctor Who’s Noel Clarke) for his sick daughter, that no doubt comes at a cost. The remainder of the footage is a ‘wild adventure’ on an alien (CGi) world where Kirk has outraged the natives, leaving himself and Bones to leg it for a hasty rescue from the Enterprise which sits at the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile, Spock sacrifices himself in the heart of a volcano to save the planet from destruction and retain the Federation’s anonymity.


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