Marvel Now! Indestructible Hulk #1

Indestructible Hulk #1

By Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu

A frustrated gifted scientist, Bruce Banner brain-stormed a new way to harness gamma radiation at the cost of his own humanity. His gamma bomb brought out a dark side of his psyche, an indestructible monster of rage called the Hulk by the military who hunted him. The Hulk has been going through a very hard time creatively. The only really strong period that the Hulk has enjoyed in recent years has been thanks to Greg Pak starting with his ‘Planet Hulk’ story and into the explosive conclusion. Even within that run there were moments when the series lagged or faltered in its search for an identity.

However, the thankfully brief Incredible Hulk series by Jason Aaron and a cadre of guest artists marked a new low for the Hulk. The weird black humor and garishly broad out of character distortions of the Hulk and Banner were not helped by an overly convoluted plot and a wildly different array of art styles.

You’d think that since Hulk is one of Marvel’s most high profile heroes and one that any adult who saw the Avengers or child who owns a pair of Hulk hands can easily identify him he would have a kick ass monthly comic book but in truth it has been a mess. Despite promising preview images and the proven high quality Mark Waid’s scripts, the Marvel Now! relaunch did not fill me with high hopes. Boy was I wrong.

This is finally the great Hulk book that fans have been waiting for.

Finally accepting that he and the Hulk must work together, Bruce Banner approaches Director Maria Hill for a job as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. His logic is simple. The Hulk has traditionally been thought of as a bomb when he could be a cannon instead, aimed at a target defined by S.H.I.E.L.D. The trade off is that Banner could develop new technological marvels for the world while giving his alter ego an outlet for its anger.

It’s so simple that I wonder why this was never thought of before, unless I am missing something. In his trial outing, Hulk faces the Mad Thinker who has constructed a killer robot using discarded Ultron maintenance tools designed to manipulate adamantium. The Mad Thinker believes that any problem is made up of quantifiable data, information that can be processed. That theory proves false when he points a laser capable of slicing the most durable material in existence at the Hulk… and the monster keeps coming.

Mark Waid is known for his gift at grasping characters and clever plots (among many other noteworthy qualities). His version of the Hulk is inspired and smart but also very dynamic. The edgy line work of Leinil Francis Yu adds a suitable amount of character and energy to the series that makes it stand out. The Hulk deserves to have a high profile knock-out comic that readers and critics talk up on line and in the shops. The Indestructible Hulk could very well be that series.

21 thoughts on “Marvel Now! Indestructible Hulk #1

  1. I was frustrated by this as I’m really interested by the concept but I ended up not buying it because I *LOATHE* Yu’s art. Agh! I can’t decide which is more hideous the work of Yu or Romita Jr’s on Captain America. I couldn’t bring myself to pick either title up because of the art. Boo hoo. At least All New X-Men’s art was pretty good tho’ I dislike the story (quite how is Scott supposed to be responsible for “mutant genocide”? Dumb. Mr Brian Michael Bender. Dumbdy dumbdy dumb. Did I say dumb?).


    And Doc Ock is inhabiting Peter Parker’s body now?!? Uhm. Nice idea for a few issues but just how long are they going to run with this? I hope not into the Inferior Spider-Man and *please God don’t let him rape Mary Jane*.


  2. Henry IV Part I or II and who’s Falstaff? Man, if Otto is believed to be Peter by MJ and she sleeps with him that’d be rape and I’m worried that Marvel would do that because I have little faith in their good taste. If this was the ’70s something so awful wouldn’t be considered (tho’ the death of Gwen Stacy was bad enough. Yes, I’m Mr Sensitive and a yutz besides but I’m moved by poor Gwen’s fate… And then they said she’d been “involved” with *Norman Osborn* . Yay! Modern Comics!) but this is *now* (or Marvel NOW!) so I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel got on the Walking Dead *shock* trip. I hope they won’t and I don’t think they *will* but it’s a scary possibility Jazzy Jameson.


  3. Oops! Regardez le Spidey Spoiler! Uhrm, Peter Parker disappears in a poof of smoke and is replaced by his long-dead father but Doc Ock has brainwashed MJ into thinking he’s Brad Pitt. Yeah, *that’s* what I’m writing about…!
    Happy day after Thanksgiving, I hope you had Turkey. Delicious!


  4. Yu’s on First.
    I’m on First?
    No, Yu’s on First, Watt’s on Second, *you’re* on Third.
    No, aren’t you listening? *Watt’s* on Second, you’re on *Third*, Yu’s on First.
    How can I be on First *and* Third?!
    Oh, I give up!


    • On a more serious note… I thought I remembered his art being better… but then I had the same memory about Greg Land… but upon closer examination, there is some weirdness in Yu’s art too.

      I guess I really have been getting out of touch with modern comics.


  5. Funny you should say that, Greg Burgas (of Brian Cronin’s excellent Comicsshouldbegood weblog) was replying to Colin Smith’s Indestructible Hulk review (at – also recommended) and though he liked the art more than Colin (who felt similarly to me) he also said Yu used to be a little better. I too remember reading something he drew that appealed to me more tho’ I can’t remember what it was! I haven’t liked his recent work on New Avengers, Secret Invasion, Ultimates et al. His characters often have weird jaws, not as bad as JR jr’s noses tho’! They all look like Winslow Leech from Phantom of the Paradise or Barry Manilow.


    • His name was Leinil… he was an artist…

      At the Daily (POP)… the Daily P.O.P.
      The hottest blog in North Carolina
      At the Daily (POP)… the Daily P.O.P.
      Comics and passion were always discussion
      At the Daily… they pick on Yu

      (Oh yeah… I went Manilow lyrics on Yu!)


  6. Can I use your Doctor Yu pun again, SJV? There. Doctor Yu.
    Yes, “he” did mention Manilow, I mean *I* did! But I could have mentioned Yu2’s With Or Without Yu, The Yu’s Yu Are You?, The Beatles’ Got To Get Yu Into My Life, Carly Simon’s Yu’re So Vain, George Harrison’s Sue Me Sue Yu Blues, Steve Wonder’s Yu Are the Sunshine Of My Life, or Bobby Vinton’s Yu Velvet… Oh yes, I detonated my Pun Doomsday Device! Aaargh!


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