Halloween movie: ‘The Stuff’

‘The Stuff’ (1985)

Written, produced, and directed by Larry Cohen 

From Larry Cohen, the director of Q, the Winged Serpent and Squirm comes this gem. Weird goo suddenly starts bubbling to the surface through the ice… and it’s delicious. Packaged and marketed as a wonderful diet treat called The Stuff, it soon attracts the attention of an ice cream business who is getting slaughtered by the competition who send former FBI agent David “Mo” Rutherford (cuz he always wants ‘mo’). Mo soon finds that there is much more to The Stuff than anyone suspects.

I love how The Stuff functions on numerous levels; as both social commentary and as horror and comedy. In particular, Michael Moriarty delivers what could be a career-defining performance (if not for his unforgettable appearance in Q). One of my favorite 80’s horror flicks, The Stuff can be watched streaming on Netflix and should be in your queue this season.


2 thoughts on “Halloween movie: ‘The Stuff’

  1. Waitaminute…that looks like the Stuff I just ate… Uuuurrrr…!
    Where are the Larry Cohens now? Who could forget It Lives Again!, God Told Me To (look out for Andy Kaufman!), and Q The Winged Serpent? Many Happy Halloween Returns! Try not to get hacked to pieces by a masked madman or assailed by a Strange Forces… And don’t say you’ll be right back, because you won’t be…


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