Halloween movie: ‘Beyond the Black Rainbow’

‘Beyond the Black Rainbow’ (2010)

Directed by Panos Cosmatos

This movie comes from ‘Tiger’ Tom Briggs and is definitely the weirdest, most unsettling movie I have ever seen (and I enjoy Alejandro Jodorowsky).

A visually stunning film that takes the viewer on what I can only venture to call a psychedelic trip, Beyond the Black Rainbow throws the the viewer off balance with vivid colors that saturate the screen in conflicting shades of red and blue or in one case stark over-exposed black and white.

Once in a blue moon a movie comes along that defies categorization. This is neither a sci-fi, drama or horror movie. It’s a trip. Concepts are presented in a totally alien manner, challenging the viewer’s patience and understanding. Like the dialog, the narrative is sparse and unclear. For anyone concerned, the conclusion does make clear just what is going on and who these characters are, but for nearly the whole run time it is up to interpretation.

The movie was screened in select cinemas in 2010 but is now available streaming on Netflix so turn down the lights, pour yourself a glass of wine and prepare for a terribly uneasy evening.


One thought on “Halloween movie: ‘Beyond the Black Rainbow’

  1. Did I have any idea what the hell was going on for the majority of this movie? No. Did I like that? Yes. Was there unbelievable story telling? Not really, but still good. Did it look amazing? Yes. Would I recommend this flick to everyone? No. Am I glad I watched it? Yes.


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