The Definitive Batman Artist Poll

There are many incarnations of Batman and we all have our favorites. Usually the particular look or variation of Batman that we consider ‘definitive’ is the first one that we encountered. For many that would be the Jim Aparo version that graced the page of comic books for many years. In the late 80’s and early 90’s Norm Breyfogle defined Batman. Today, Greg Capullo is the artist on Batman and doing a damned fine job of it.

But is there a DEFINITIVE Batman artist? CBR.cpm wants to know and their poll gives readers a number of options.
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 Bob Kane

 Dick Sprang

 Neal Adams

 Jim Aparo

 Frank Miller

 David Mazzuchelli

 Norm Breyfogle

 Bruce Timm

 Jim Lee

 Greg Capullo

Personally I love the Mazzuchelli version of Batman, but as it only appeared in one story, Batman: Year One I question his inclusion. Likewise, Frank Miller left his mark on Batman but in a very limited number of issues. Bruce Timm is definitely a popular choice and with good reason as he spearheaded what could be considered one of the most important renditions of the dark knight ever.

As of now, Neal Adams and Jim Aparo are both leading with Frank Miller, Bob Kane and Dick Sprang trailing. I wonder why Carmine Infantino (who drastically redesigned Batman in the 60’s, Bill Finger who practically created the entire rogue’s gallery and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez whose art graced almost every single bit of merchandising for decades are missing from this list as they defined the character’s look for their respective periods.

What is your opinion? Who is your favorite Batman artist?


8 thoughts on “The Definitive Batman Artist Poll

  1. I probably prefer Jim Aparo and then Neal Adams. I have no problems with any of the other guys, though Breyfogle is probably at the bottom of the list for me.


  2. My favourite artists to have drawn Batman are, in no particular order, :- Neil Adams, Kevin Maguire, Jim Aparo, John Byrne, and Norm Breyfogle (In Your Face SJV!). Definitive schminitive, those’re all great!


    • Don’t get me wrong… Breyfogle is a good artist… I just didn’t feel his style worked for Batman.

      Another one I forgot… and who isn’t on the list of choices, but I should have remembered to add… Alan Davis (oft teamed with Paul Neary)… I even liked Excalibur, though that title eventually went off the rails for Marvel… but they did have a turn at Batman as well. I would put those guys near the top of the list as well.


  3. Very personal favorites of mine are Jim Aparo and DON NEWTON. They were both sublime visual story tellers and for so many years they made it look easy…. Kevin Nowlan and Brian Bolland did iconic work too although mostly for specials/covers…


  4. Neal Adams created the definitive Batman. But I wish Marshall Rogers was on the list as well – Rogers run on Detective with Terry Austin is my second favorite as it brought an even darker, moodier quality to Batman that’s still present today.


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