Halloween movie: ‘Skeletons’

This Halloween, I wanted to promote some movies that are perfect for the season. Some are films that I have seen and love, others I have just heard of and still more come from friends and online connections. I hope to have many more suggestions leading up to the 31st, so watch this space.

Skeletons (2010)

First off is Skeletons which comes as a suggestion from John Caples.

An independent film, it earned some acclaim at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Low-fi, yet clever and inventive, this is a movie that could appeal to fans of cult films that blend fantasy and comedy with more imagination than spangle and effects.

Written and directed by Nick Whitfield

“Stick to the rules, tell them everything, leave and never come back”

In this surreal comedy, Davis and Bennett are a mismatched pair of traveling salesman, operatives, in the business of cleaning skeletons from closets. Together they travel across Britain, wandering in and out of other people’s lives, performing the ‘Procedure’ whereby hidden secrets and lies are exposed. They literally bring the skeletons out of the closet.


Skeletons is available for instant viewing through Amazon


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