Doctor Who Action Figure Review: Castrovalva Set

Batmanmarch has been reviewing Doctor Who action figures for about five years now, along with filming some of the most highly regarded original dramas using home made figures and those made by Character Options.

His latest video reviews the Castrovalva set featuring the Fifth Doctor in the shirt sleeves of his former incarnation along with the Master’s Roman column-style TARDIS and of course a shrunken Logopolitan. I found it interesting that Batmanmarch noted that the set was initially intended to include a repackaged Anthony Ainley Master figure (technically Kamelion as the Master) or a Tissue Compression Eliminator prop. Why we don’t have a proper 80’s Master or a TCE toy by now I cannot understand, but I need to reserve my ire for reviewing new episodes, so I won’t waste it here.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who collectibles, you really should bookmark Batmanmarch’s channel. Only, be warned that it could lead to purchasing more stuff as I have.

In the UK, available from Forbidden Planet.
In the US, from Mike’s Comics.


4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Action Figure Review: Castrovalva Set

  1. “I need to reserve my ire for reviewing new episodes”… Ahahaha!
    I’ve seen things that looked like the Master’s TCE but they were a different kind of “toy”.
    I half-watched A Town Called Mercy. Meh. Lots of potential wasted. Clunky attempts at “significance”. A cyborg straight out of Red Dwarf (in an odd way Gunmen of the Apocalypse was a more satisying sf western than this) tho’ his gun looked kuhl (in the dark at least). It doesn’t make me want to eviscerate it, it was just so… Disappointing. It makes me feel *sad* more than anything (not that I’m feeling happy-go-lucky, anyway ;)). Haven’t read any reviews yet I guess they’ll be full of praise. Perhaps you liked it? It was kind of nice to see Ben Browder tho’ he didn’t get much to do. I thought Karen/Amy looked good. Looking forward to your review.


    • Any time Ainley pointed that thing at someone and demanded they obey him, the look of fear on his victim was genuine. No acting there.

      I will have to wait to see Gunmen take the BBC later tonight or tomorrow. We shall see. Meh is better than lots of things you could have said, so maybe I’ll like it.


  2. Don’t worry, Jameson – I will probably say something worse about it! I wasn’t really in the mood for it (count the number of Terminator-inspired visual references if you find yourself bored) and so half-watched it really. The ending tries to bring a “legendary” aspect into it and is laughably po-face. See you’ve set me off. Maybe you *will* enjoy it though, stranger things happen and all that… I look forward to your review after you’ve seen it. I must admit I almost hope you *don’t* like it as your review-smackdowns are hilarious! Have a good weekend.


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