Batman Dark Knight Rises talking figures and the caped crusader bouncy house

Long hot weekend of parenting means I had very little time for much blogging. But I did introduce my son to the music of 13th Floor Elevators front man Roky Erickson and we built some killer cars from play dough. So I have been busy, never fear.

My forays into toy stores has given me the opportunity to provide readers with this unintentionally hilarious video of the latest Batman toys. I’m not exactly sure what happened at the factory, but I can clearly understand both Batman and Bane… which cannot be right. And check out Batman’s action moves!

I also attended a 4 year-old’s birthday today and saw another casualty of Bruce Wayne’s funding of Batman as a corporation.

It was what his parents would have wanted…


4 thoughts on “Batman Dark Knight Rises talking figures and the caped crusader bouncy house

  1. Wow, those toys! I hope to see a Batman Slide in the comics, the Scarecrow (or whoever) slides down it thinks he’s gotten away, only for the caped crusader to pop up at the bottom and punch him in the face!
    The last two Nolan movies seem strange candidates for toys – did they produce a knife-wielding face-slitting Joker, a mutilated Harvey Dent, and an Exploding Rachel for The Dark Knight?! Or a Bruce Wayne-with-Bone-Poking-Out-of-his-Back for Rises? Toyetic indeed! Hope you enjoyed yourself with your son (and looking at those toys). Who wouldn’t want a Batman Bouncy Castle (Bouncy Batcave?)? 8)


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