Max Brooks, Mark Waid, Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley team up for The Tower Chronicles

What happens when World War Z author Mark Brooks, Grendel creator Matt Wagner and cult artist Simon Bisley team up for a new comic? The Tower Chronicles: a dark sci-fi series with a supernatural bent.

Daredevil writer and industry veteran Waid will be joined by World War Z’s Brooks as co-writer and Superman: Earth One penciller Davis on Shadow Walk, which is set in the metaphorical ‘Valley of the Shadow of Death’.

Industry veterans Wagner and Bisley will collaborate on The Tower Chronicles, centring around a supernatural mercenary that operates through the internet.

“Shadow Walk takes place somewhere we’ve all heard of, it’s something that is part of American Biblical mythology, especially – but we don’t think of it as a real place,” Waid said.

“[It is about] something that exists on Earth which shows up like Brigadoon every once in a while and shouldn’t exist,” he continued. “There’s no reason on the planet this should exist and it’s a very bad thing.”

The occurrence causes a race among the world’s powers to control the presence. “But it’s not a matter of sending in a military strike force,” said Waid. “For a mission like this, you need men of faith. You need science heroes, and you need men of faith. And you need a small group.”

“Tower lives off the grid,” said Wagner of the forthcoming Chronicles. “He uses the website and his lawyer to ferret through – because he gets a lot of crazies, a lot of people who aren’t worth the effort – to find the real ones.

“He’s an ambiguous character who works for money – he’s almost like a Clint Eastwood character in that at the beginning, we’re not sure if we really like him. And that’s a good thing. Ultimately, his humanity, his cause, gets slowly revealed.”

Bisley also unveiled his IDW Publishing collaboration with Kevin Eastman, Lost Angeles, over the Comic-Con weekend.

The Tower Chronicles will launch in September, with Shadow Walk arriving in 2013.

Via DigitalSpy

Legendary Comics Unveils its creative lineup at Comic-Con International Preview night event. (L-R): Shane Davis, Mark Waid, Editor-In-Chief Bob Schreck, Max Brooks, and Matt Wagner

For more info and a sneak preview, check out the official website:


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