Marvel to 20th Century FOX ‘I’ll give you one Daredevil for all of the Fantastic Four’

No matter how much you may want it to be false, the 2005 Daredevil movie was a huge hit for 20th Century Fox (I kinda regard it as a guilty pleasure, but i have problems). The only major stumbling block in proceeding into a sequel was that Ben Affleck was not interested in donning the red leather duds again. 20th Century Fox has been working on revamping the character for the hot comic book movie market, but the movie has been in something of a development hell for ages. But the clock is ticking on the film rights and if the movie is not in the can soon, they will revert back to Marvel.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Marvel is reportedly offering Fox more time to make the DD flick in exchange for the Fantastic Four universe, including the Silver Surfer and Galactus. Could this be the beginning stages of a Fantastic Four reboot?

Or is horn-head on his way back to the House of Ideas (along with the recently re-acquired Punisher)?

All day similar outlets such as this one have been citing a Variety article that states with time running out for 20th Century Fox to retain the film rights for Dardevil, they literally have to start shooting the movie by 10/10/12 before the rights go back to Disney/Marvel Studios. However, their sources are saying that a deal may be struck between Fox chairman Tom Rothman and Marvel to extendDaredevil’s time at Fox beyond the cutoff date. Marvel is offering to give Fox an extension to get its Daredevil reboot in production in exchange for the rights to use characters from the Fantastic Four , including Galactus and the Silver Surfer, who would no doubt be included in future Marvel “Phase Two” movies. The article goes on to report, Fox is in discussions with Joe Carnahan to direct what’s been described as a “Frank Miller-esque, hardcore 70s thriller” take on blind Hell’s Kitchen superhero Matt Murdock — a vision that would deviate from Disney/Marvel’s family-friendly tone. Carnahan has yet to receive an official offer, though multiple sources tell Variety that he’s the choice.

While the exchange doesn’t seem like that far-fetched of an idea, consider this article from Deadline, it seems that Fox may just let Daredevil go back to Marvel:

Reports that Fox and Marvel Studios are going to do some horse-trading with its Fantastic Four franchise to keep Daredevil in the fold were being strenuously denied by studio insiders.

Those insiders said that with Josh Trank aboard to direct, Fantastic Four is a big priority and the studio would be crazy to give away a cornerstone villain. Especially when the studio is very lukewarm about rebooting Daredevil, which focuses on blind lawyer Matt Murdock and his emergence as a crime fighter powered by heightened sensory perception. While Joe Carnahan has come to the studio with a take, it sounds like Fox is ready to let it revert to Disney-owned Marvel, unless Disney is interested in co-financing. That is what the current talks are really about, insiders said.

I believe the latter article is a little more plausible.

via comics-x-aminer

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