Neutron the Atomic Superman vs. The Death Robots!

After MST3K, Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy continued riffing on bad movies. From AMC’s the Film Crew (a brief series that ended due to a cease and desist order from Mystery Science co-creator Jim Mallon) to RiffTrax, a podcast series that uses various source material from blockbusters to cheesie unknowns. The guys haven’t lost their riffing skills, so if you have not seen any of their work, now’s the time to check them out!

The latest RiffTrax episode uses the second lucha film in the Atomic Superman series from 1960…

Neutron the Atomic Superman vs. The Death Robots!

One of the first Mexican wrestling movies to be titled by an excitable 5 year old boy using a box of magnetic poetry, Neutron the Atomic Superman vs The Death Robots is not to be missed. The sport of Lucha Libre was once so popular in Mexico it spawned the genre of Luchador films, in which popular wrestlers played crime-fighting superheroes. Here’s hoping Hollywood finally rips off this great idea and replaces the cast of Avengers 2 with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, and of course, for a little sexy eye candy, the Bushwhackers.

Neutron, whose exposure to atomic energy has given him the power of – well, being moderately good at wrestling – takes on the evil Dr. Caronte, who you know is a legit doctor because his Mexican wrestling mask is white. But the real star of the show is Caronte’s little person sidekick, Nick. With his unibrow and voice that sounds like the death rattle of an emphysemic frog demon, Nick fever is sure to sweep the nation like nothing before! (Note: Nick fever and its resultant sores are currently untreatable. RiffTrax cannot be held accountable for Nick fever related insomnia, infections, or gout.)

Join Mike, Bill, and Kevin for one of the few superhero vs. robot movies to feature no actual superheroes OR robots, Neutron the Atomic Superman vs the Death Robots!

Click here to order!
For an astoundingly in-depth review of the film, I recommend this site.


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