Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part one trailer

Back in the mid-1980’s, there were three books that reshaped the comic book landscape, impressing the media that had so long ignored it that funny books could be recognized as an art form. One of those books is The Dark Knight Returns, a dystopian tale of the caped crusader in a world that darkly mirrored our own. A broken and weak old man, Bruce Wayne is roused from his slumber by the call for justice as gangs of mutants seek to take over Gotham. Exhibiting a brutal form of violence more at home in a Charles Bronson vehicle, Miller’s comic showed many fans and reviewers a new edge to Batman, one that was much more disturbing than they were used to.

The long-awaited animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s 4 part story The Dark Knight Returns, is on its way. Batman is voiced by former Robocop star Peter Weller, a superb choice for his gravelly diction. Directed by Jay Oliva, written by Bob Goodman and executive produced by Sam Register and Bruce Timm (the same team behind many a DC animated project), the first part of this epic has a street date of September 25, 2012.

…it’s been a decade since Bruce Wayne hung up his cape, following most of the other superheroes who had been forced into retirement. Facing the downside of middle age, a restless Bruce Wayne pacifies his frustration with race cars and liquor – but the bat still beckons as he watches his city fall prey to gangs of barbaric criminals known as The Mutants.

The return of Harvey Dent as Two-Face finally prompts Wayne to once again don the Dark Knight’s cowl, and his dramatic capture of the villain returns him to crime-fighting – simultaneously making him the target of law enforcement and the new hope for a desolate Gotham City. Particularly inspired is a teenage girl named Carrie, who adopts the persona of Robin and ultimately saves Batman from a brutal attack by the Mutant leader. Armed with a new sidekick, and re-energized with a definitive purpose, the Dark Knight returns to protect Gotham from foes new…and old.

Batman The Dark Knight Returns Trailer

Watch the trailer here


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