Paul McGann,The Eighth Doctor, returns in Doctor Who – Dark Eyes

Finally some details have emerged for the new Eighth Doctor box set, Dark Eyes. This hotly anticipated series set after the cataclysmic story ‘To The Death.’ McGann can be seen on the box art sporting his new attire and ‘armed’ with a new sonic screwdriver.

Doctor Who: Dark Eyes will be released November 2012.

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In the aftermath of To The Death…

An epic, box set adventure, taking the Doctor on a desperate journey through space and time.

Part One. The Great War – The Doctor is heading to ‘the edge’ and beyond. But the Time Lords have other ideas. On Earth, during the First World War, Molly O’Sullivan works hard as a Voluntary Aid Detachment nursing assistant. How can her destiny be bound up with that of the Doctor’s?

Part Two. Fugitives

Part Three. Tangled Web

Part Four. ‘X’ and the Daleks

More details soon…

Written By: Nicholas Briggs
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Paul McGann (The Doctor), Ruth Bradley (Molly O’Sullivan), Peter Egan (Straxus), Toby Jones (Kotris), Tim Treloar (Lord President), Laura Molyneaux (Isabel Stanford), Natalie Burt (Sally Armstrong), Ian Cullen (Nadeyan), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks)

More details to come…


5 thoughts on “Paul McGann,The Eighth Doctor, returns in Doctor Who – Dark Eyes

    • Yeah… i’m trying to focus on the positive… but I agree. They must be trying to appeal to that audience, whi, to be fair, would love McGann’s Doctor.

      But why would anyone ‘point’ the sonic screwdriver at the viewer!? How does that make any sense at all?


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