Warner Bros. moving forward with Wonder Woman movie, announces screenwriter

Undoubtedly the most important superheroine in comics, Wonder Woman nevertheless has a spotty history of success in print or in other media. Possibly due to the rather convoluted nature of her history and the weird implications that creator William Moulton Marston (also the inventor of lie detector). An outspoken feminist, Marston wanted to present a strong female character for male readers to submit in order to meet what he felt was a necessity.

Given the strong psychological roots in her character, it’s not surprising that so few comic book creators can get her to function. The recently abandoned TV pilot reportedly featured a post-modern Wonder Woman who is both a business woman and a superhero from all evidence was a disaster. Some fans have expressed a desire to see Joss Whedon helm the project based on his success with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but personally I don’t see it (and neither did Warner Bros. for the record).

But… Michael Goldenberg? Seriously?

With all the excitement yesterday of the potential for a Black Panther movie (which we’re hearing is false) and a writer being hired for Justice League, it seems another announcement got lost in all of the squealing and shouting.

Not only did Variety report yesterday about Will Beall being brought on to write the Justice League film, they also mentioned that Green Lantern scribe Michael Goldenberg has been brought on for Wonder Woman.

No word on release dates or casting yet, but stay tuned here as we will bring you any and all updates we have.
(Via SuperHeroHype)

2 thoughts on “Warner Bros. moving forward with Wonder Woman movie, announces screenwriter

  1. Jebus, you’d think they’d get someone who could actually *write*, wouldn’t you? I can’t stand Joss Whedon’s writing for the most part but at least he *can* write (up to a point. Heh) unlike the above hack. And God forbid they actually hire a *woman* writer :(. Pah.


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