Catch a glimpse of the canceled Justice League: Mortal video game

Just as news starts to pick up on the Justice League of America feature film project, this little tidbit caught my eye. Back in 2007 or so, there was talk of a second Superman film picking up from Superman Returns as well as a Justice League ensemble movie directed by George Miller, the man inexplicably linked to both Mad Max and Happy Feet.

Utilizing cutting edge CGi, the Justice League movie was going to be something completely new, catching movie goers by surprise with mind-blowing visuals. The film was cast and the production was started but the project stopped before it even started due to a writer’s strike. Currently, the story is that Justice League may have been in the works in secret for about a year.

Given the botched job Warner Bros. did on Green Lantern, I wonder if a JLA movie would be a good idea or a bad one. Would it just expand on the bad ideas from the GL film or would it be DC Entertainment’s answer to the Avengers?

The information below shows that the movie was going to be supported by a video game that could have been outstanding (and maybe re-used in some ways for the new ‘Justice League: Gods Among Us’ game).

Once upon a time, Warner Bros. Pictures was developing a live-action film featuring the Justice League, called Justice League: Mortal. The film was to be directed by George Miller (Mad Max) with several actors rumored to have been cast, including D.J. Cotrona (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as Superman, Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as Batman, Megan Gale (I Love You Too) as Wonder Woman, Common (Terminator: Salvation) as Green Lantern John Stewart, and many others. After years of speculation, it was revealed the project was dead in the water. The studio felt the script needed some more time, but the time was just not right. After all, this was around the time of the 2007 Writers Guild Strike.

While it was in development, WB Games had assigned video game development studio Double Helix Games to the task to create a third-person brawler based on the movie. While it was known that WB Games was tinkering with the idea of a Justice League video game, there was never a point to which it was confirmed or shown off. Until now. Former Double Helix Art Director and Lead Level Artist Jonathan Gwyn has published some images and artwork from the game’s development on his personal website showing off some of the level design and character models.

While the game was ultimately transformed into the Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters brawler, it’s interesting to see what could have been.

Via: League of Comic Geeks– click on the link for more screenshots from the project.


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