James Bond 007 ‘Skyfall’ trailer

Craig returns to the role of 007 after filming several high profile projects that have earned him international acclaim. One of the most popular Bonds to date, he is the first blonde actor to play the part and one of the more brutal in hand to hand combat (though I would point to the elevator fight from Sean Connery’s Diamonds are Forever as being a benchmark). Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were intended to be interlinking parts of a trilogy. Due to MGM’s financial trouble, the final part was postponed and later scrapped in favor of a new script.

Skyfall focuses on Bond defending M from her past as it comes back to get her. The details are very sparse, but from the looks of the trailer, it will be an intense ride that will serve as a necessary reminder to movie goers that Bond is the prime mover in cinematic action drama.

Alongside the returning cast members Daniel Craig (Jmaes Bond) Dame Judy Dench (M) and Ben Whishaw (Q) is a star-studded array of guest talent. Albert Finney will portray M’s boss, named Kincade. Naomie Harris is the ‘Bond girl’ Eve. Ralph Fiennes will play a new character with special ties to MI-6 and Bond’s role. Award-winning actor Javier Bardem will play the villain, Raoul Silva.

The 23rd James Bond feature film, Skyfall will be released in the United States on November 9, 2012 (the 50th anniversary of the Bond franchise).


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