Doctor Who trilogy spans three eras with one new companion

A new trilogy starts in September when a single companion strings together three separate adventures through the eras of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors.

The Big Finish audio series has continued the classic Doctor Who stories with high quality scripts and superb actors. Set within the constraints of existing continuity, the audio tales expand upon the legacy of the classic program and further develop the characters of the original Doctors.

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A continuation of the beloved series for fans of the classic program, it’s also a great way for fans of the Matt Smith or David Tennant eras to experience the original Doctor Who series, unfettered by budgetary constraints. Starting in 1999, Big Finish has released over 160 full cast audio dramas in addition to the Companion Chronicles, the Eighth Doctor adventures with Paul McGann, stories focused on U.N.I.T. and Sarah Jane, Dalek Empire and many many more.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star in Doctor Who Audio. Chase Masterson, who played Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has teamed up with Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor in the forthcoming main range audio The Shadow Heart. Chase plays Vienna Salavatori, who is described on the script front as ‘an impossibly glamorous mercenary’. Those who meet her don’t tend to stay alive…

Chase’s many credits in film and television include Sliders, ER and Manticore, and she has lent her voice to a number of project including Starzinger and Lun Lun The Flower Girl.

“We were delighted to get Chase on board,” says producer David Richardson. “It was actually Frazer Hines who suggested her – they’re friends. So I dropped Chase a line, and it turned out she was heading to the UK for a convention – and we had the perfect feisty role for her in The Shadow Heart.”

The Shadow Heart is the climax of a trilogy that spans three Doctors. It begins in September with The Burning Prince (Fifth Doctor) and continues in October with The Acheron Pulse (Sixth Doctor).

(via TardisNewsroom)

“It was actually Frazer Hines who suggested her – they’re friends.”- look at the image above again… Frazer is such a dog, ain’t he?


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who trilogy spans three eras with one new companion

  1. Hahahaha! I’ve only just read this but when I read those lines about Fraser being “friends” with Chase Masterson I said to myself “the Sly Old Dog” and lo and behold! I get to the end of your post and find you had the same thought, Same Old Fraser… Always with an eye for the ladies, and who can blame him?! Don’t ever change Fraze 😉


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