Superhero tie-ins and Red Skull Cherry 7-Up

I’d like to know what the first product released that bore a superhero image was. A ring? A glass? A belt buckle? No matter what it was, I cannot imagine that it was weirder than Green Lantern GloBalls or Marvel Comics toilet paper.

I have seen some of these things in person but there are so many more. Every time I think I have seen the oddest thing to tie into a comic book character, I see a new addition the annals of the awkward such as Red Skull Cherry 7-Up… mein gott. What were they thinking?

(Note: click on any of the images below to see more weirdness)

Marvel Comics Toilet Paper??

One of a million weird Topps Comic Book Trading Cards

Comic Book Pumps??

Be careful operating on the Hulk!

Who said cooking wasn't HEROIC?

Thor is moved by a creamsicle

Hulk Syrup is just one of the green Goliath's products. Click on the image for much more!

Marvel Comics Cookie Cutters

Smell like an Avenger!

Do you want to eat Green Lantern's GloBalls?

For a taste that takes you back to the days of WWII!


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