The Avengers – 1978-style

For those of you not following the DP Tumblr feed (what’s wrong with you???), here’s this amazing video showing what a 1978-era Avengers movie might have looked like.

Lou Ferrigno as Hulk, Eric Kramer shows up as Thor from The Incredible Hulk Returns and Reb Brown is Captain America. Iron Man only really appears from footage nicked from a pilot called Exo-Man… but Paul Lynde as Loki is an inspired choice. His fiendish army KISS led by the Destroyer himself is just too perfect.

Of course Hawkeye is… Hawkeye.

The addition of Peter Wyngarde as Tony Stark is… a kiss on my cheek.

(Thanks to Tom Briggs for this one.)


2 thoughts on “The Avengers – 1978-style

  1. Except that they aren’t in the modern Avengers movie… they could also have put 1970s Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in there too!

    Surprised we didn’t see Hasselhoff’s Nick Fury though…


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