Doctor Who SDCC 2012 action figure excl revealed!

For the long time that I have been a Whovian, I have yearned for a toy line as superb as what Character Options has produced.

Starting with the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Doctors, a Zygon, Voc Robots, a Sea Devil and Li H’sen Chang with the killer ventriloquy figurine Mr. Sin… it was the stuff of dreams. The magic has not stopped as nearly every variation of Dalek, Cyberman and the Master has been realized in miniature form.

But those are just the standard action figures (which are very very hard to come by in the US despite advertising on BBC America during Doctor Who) which are only available from specialty shops such as Mike’s Comics. Each year at the San Diego Comic Con, several new exclusive action figure is debuted from Character Options. These figures are usually made in limited quantities and often appeal only to die-hard fans.

There is always plenty of speculation about what obscure character or monster will be released (see last year’s and how far off I was),so I figured in addition to revealing this year’s excluisve, I’d touch on some of the previous Doctor who action figures.

In 2009:

The First Doctor William Hartnell and a Dalek Invasion of Earth model action figure The Second Doctor Patrick Troughton and a Tomb of the Cyberman action figure The Sixth Doctor Colin Baker in his blue costume from Real Time

In 2010:

The Fifth Doctor Peter Davison in the Fourth Doctor’s costume from Logopois

Peter Davison -Logopolis action figure

The Fifth Doctor Peter Davison and The Master (actually Kamelion as the Master)

In 2011:

Leela with Crossbow from The Face of Evil River Song With Pandorica Chair


Katy Manning at a pub with two old friends (still sporting those massive rings!)

(image of Katy Manning with Jo Grant prototypes via Merchandise.DoctorWho)

This year will apparently see two versions of Third Doctor companion Jo Grant, played by Katy Manning. A charmingly daffy and bubbly personality, Manning played the part for three years alongside Jon and even returned to co-star with the late Lis Sladen in the Sarah Jane Adventures.

The two versions will be a blue fur-coat wearing Jo from The Three Doctors and another short-skirted variant from The Claws of Axos (reference pics below).

Jo Grant in 'The Three Doctors'

Jo Grant in 'The Claws of Axos'

There is still a Yeti floating around (an image of the prototype was leaked last year) that could also appear this Summer in San Diego, so keep your eyes peeled. I’m hoping for a Jamie McCrimmon action figure or the Brigadier bundled in with any of these!

Character Options Yeti Prototype


6 thoughts on “Doctor Who SDCC 2012 action figure excl revealed!

  1. Imagine if the Nestene Consciousness existed in this universe, Doctor Who fans would face an onslaught of small autonified toys. It’d be like the famous Zuni Doll segment of the Trilogy of Terror tv movie. Erm, yes I am weird, thanks for asking…
    Jameson, do you have any problems getting any of these figures?


    • hahaha, yes, it would be, Attacked by a rabid Adric doll!

      It can be tricky to get Doctor Who toys in the US. We don’t have the same kind of access to Forbidden Planet shops that carry the toys on the shelves. But after finding Mike’s Comics as a US retailer, it has been easier. There have been a couple of things I had to resort to ebay for, but mostly I buy from them. The K-1 robot is probably the prize of my collection (which I paid a pretty penny for).


  2. If you see a figure coming out and you can’t get it from the US I’d be pleased to get it for you if I’m able. Wow, I’m *sooo* altruistic! Ha.


  3. You know… with the Master’s matter-tissue-compressor thingy from Classic Who… There ought to be a market for Doctor Who themed:

    1. Shrinky-dinks (those things that shrink in the oven)
    2. Dried sponges (those things that expand when you add water)

    I know I can’t be the only one who thought those miniature people in Tom Baker’s final story were adorable action-figure-like things!


  4. SJV, Those victims of the Master remind me of the film InnerSpace in which the villains end up stuck at doll-size, and then of course there’s the Puppet Master and Doll Man features of Charles Band. Amusing stuff.
    Another idea for novelties that shrink and expand – Doctor Who Condoms! *Dubious British Humour Alert* Imagine it: Auton Condoms, prophylactics in the shape of Tegan’s Aunt or Kettlewell’s Robot (or GIANT Robot if you prefer, oo-er) -in the words of the Tennant Doctor, I’m SOOO Sorry!


  5. Ah man the Gallifreyen Guard in the Camera in “Deadly Assassin” so needs to be part of my action figure collection! Trying to make one from one of the discounted Vampire Fish Dude Figure – Franchesco or somethin like that – but yeah, Character Options needs to make the real deal – it’s cool looking, will have weapons accessories, is an army builder, and by offering variants with different color boots and gloves and maybe heads like the series they could sell a gazillion of them! And they need an Invasion of Time 4th Doctor and Classic deco K9 too!!! 🙂


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