Avengers post-credit spoiler

Apparently video footage of the Avengers movie (opening on May 4th in the US) has been circulating on the web, especially the post-credit sequence which reveals the path that the franchise may take. It also fits with other rumored projects that Marvel wants to pursue. Having not seen the movie or the video, I cannot vouch for the authenticity… so keep that in mind should you read further.

Click here if you want to spoil the secret.

Special thanks to Kurt Belcher for the find!


10 thoughts on “Avengers post-credit spoiler

  1. This could either be really good… or really horrible.

    (hidden) has been rather hit and miss in the comics. Awesome or silly… not much in between.

    (hidden) is kind of Marvel’s (hidden)… but not quite as good at his badness.


      • Sorry about that… I wasn’t thinking when I replied. I sometimes forget the movie isn’t out yet, since I don’t see movies in theaters and wait for the Blu-rays to come out.


  2. Well, (hidden) is (hidden) is (hidden) but that’s (hidden)… To be serious for a moment (but a moment only) You-Know-Who worked best as an enemy for Captain (hidden) and you’d think that after Loki and his Intergalactic Chums they’d show some initiative and go for something different something less *cosmic* such as the Masters of Evil or Ultron. Also having Ultron would give them an excuse for introducing Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, the Wondrous Wasp!


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