McCoy enters new trilogy in Doctor Who Big Finish adventure

Sylvester McCoy is the longest reigning Doctor Who to date, having taken up the part in 1987 and relinquishing it to Paul McGann in 1996. His adventures in between were largely in print through Virgin New Adventures that saw his Doctor take up the mantle of ‘Time’s Champion’ and new companion Bernice Summerfield.

A traditionally comic actor, the classically trained McCoy led a bizarre career ranging from accounting to side-show freak before taking up the mantle of the time traveling champion. His adventures on screen took the program to new lows and new heights in a dizzying ride redefining Doctor Who for a new generation shortly before it saw its longest absence from TV screens. The first actor to remove Tom Baker from the top of the ‘favorite Doctor’ polls in Doctor Who Magazine, his popularity has waned since the 90’s, but he serves a vital role as the vanguard of a new age.

In the Big Finish audio series, McCoy has thrived in several stand out stories, but this year will mark a major turning point for the enigmatic Doctor No. 7 as he begins a trilogy of sorts reuniting him with Sophie Aldred (Ace) and Philip Olivier (Hex).

More details below:

Ian Hogg, who memorably played Josiah Smith in the TV story Ghost Light, has been reunited with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred in Protect and Survive, a new Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish. The story, by Jonathan Morris, also stars Elizabeth Bennett (Calendar Girls) and Peter Egan (Ever Decreasing Circles), and kicks off a pivotal mini-series for the Seventh Doctor and his companions.

“It’s a trilogy that is full of surprise appearances, disappearances and reappearances… and a few very nasty shocks, about which I can say no more!” teases script editor Alan Barnes. “In Protect and Survive, Ace and Hex go on the hunt for the missing Doctor – and find themselves stuck in a 1980s nuclear nightmare.”

Next up is Black and White by Matt Fitton, which guest stars Stuart Milligan (Jonathan Creek, Richard Nixon in Doctor Who) as Garundel. “Black and White is our version of the saga of Beowulf – so expect Saxons, Vikings, monsters, dragons, broadswords and large quantities of mead!” says Alan. “Matt Fitton, who made his BF debut in last year’s Recorded Time, has written a very clever script… which I promise will be especially rewarding for anyone who’s been paying close attention to our Seventh Doctor range.”

The trilogy ends with Gods and Monsters by Mike Maddox and Alan Barnes, which guest stars John Standing (Game of Thrones, The Line of Beauty), Blake Ritson (Upstairs Downstairs, Doctor Who: The Lost Stories – The Foe from the Future) and Gus Brown (That Mitchell and Webb Look, Laurence and Gus).

“It’s very difficult to say anything much about this one without spoiling all the surprises… but it’s all set in one of the strangest, most deadly environments the TARDIS has ever landed in, with the Doctor’s companions facing up to some very unpalatable truths about their past and future lives.”

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BONUS, news on the next Companion Chronicles:


6.10 The Wanderer
Written by Richard Dinnick, directed by Lisa Bowerman
Starring William Russel as Ian Chesterton

Siberia at the end of the 19th Century, and the TARDIS arrives just as a shooting star hurtles to the ground.

With it comes an illness that affects the Doctor and Susan, and knowledge that must not fall into the wrong hands.

With his friends either dying or lost, Ian Chesterton must save the future and win the ultimate prize – a way home to 1963…

Release date: 30 April 2012


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