Lego madness

A new year of that addictive building brick monster called Lego is on its way and not only is it delving into familiar properties such as the Avengers, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Batman and DC Comics, but there are some stunners in there too such as the Monster Hunters line including a ghost train and Dracula’s Castle!

There’s so much in the images below, but more at ChipChick.

There’s even a Deadpool Lego!

Via ChipChick:

LEGO is about to have an even more amazing year! So if you weren’t already addicted to those Danish building blocks and their accompanying Minifigs, then you are about to get sucked in, because LEGO has gone where no bricks have gone before. For starters, for 2012 LEGO is re-imagining the classic monster stories of yore with castles, piano organs, Dracula, the Wolfman, ghosts and other ghoulish creatures.

There is also an entire new DC and Marvel Superhero line that features Batman, Wonder Woman, Bane, Superman, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, and others. The continuation of the Ninjago line of sets, a movie tie-in for the Avengers, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit movie are also set to have LEGO-themed collections debut this year. Then of course there is always the Star Wars sets, which are also more detailed than ever and now include a set dedicated to Jabba the Hutt!

These sets are not just for kids, but adults too, in fact I might just want to collect a handful of them to display, because of how thoughtful LEGO was to the details and designs. Minifigs have never looked better and more detailed, and for those devout LEGO collectors you will want to get your hands on them.

Check out our photo tour of the entire LEGO collection at Toy Fair, that will be debuted over 2012. We warn you though that there are a lot of pictures, but it is sooo worth it… you’ll be drooling by the time you reach the end.

Lots more images here.


One thought on “Lego madness

  1. Don’t know if you played any lego video games yet. They’re pretty fun. Now that lego has “Lord of the Rings”, how soon do you want to speculate on a game adaption?. I say just in time for “The Hobbit part 2”.


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