Angie Bowie’s Daredevil and the Black Widow?

I’m a big fan of David Bowie. One of my favorite superheroes is Daredevil, the Man Without Fear. So how did I not know about this?

I knew that a Daredevil cartoon was once in development and a video game that got dropped for some reason, but a TV show from David Bowie’s wife?? That’s just far too strange… but true

This great story comes from

In 1975, the then-wife of rockstar David Bowie, Angela, got the television rights for Black Widow and Daredevil from Stan Lee in hopes of using it as a star-vehicle for Angela’s own on-screen ambitions. Angela Bowie enlisted actor Ben Carruthers (The Dirty Dozen, Shadows) to play Daredevil, and the duo did several black-and-white stills dressed up in their parts. Bowie enlisted her husband’s Ziggy Stardust era costume designer Natasha Kornikoff to design the outfits, adding face paint to Daredevil’s ensemble but leaving Black Widow’s look relatively untouched. Sadly, the photos and Bowie’s pitch were never greenlit by a television studio.

But imagine what could have been if it had made it on air, and the actors of the time playing those roles — Telly Savalas as Kingpin would be a no-brainer, but what I’m really wondering is how and who Angela’s husband David Bowie would end up playing.

4 thoughts on “Angie Bowie’s Daredevil and the Black Widow?

  1. A fan of Bowie, Jameson? I knew you were one of the good guys!
    This is interesting because Daredevil in 1975 was still a few years away from what would become the famous Frank Miller version and rather than the Kingpin of Crime his adversaries were weirdos such as the Owl and Angarr the Screamer. This series would presumably have been influenced by the Steve Gerber run (which was set, I think, in San Francisco) and of course ol’ Angie would have been drawn to it because it was Daredevil AND the Black Widow at the time (Daredevil being a sort of second-string blind Spider-Man back then, Mark Waid is drawing from the pre-Miller version and doing it well now). I suspect that the series would’ve been peculiar at least!
    Angie Bowie also auditioned for the poor ABC Wonder Woman that ended up “starring” a blonde Cathy Lee Crosby in a tracksuit, before NBC (or was it CBS) made The New Original Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter. I suspect Angie would’ve been even worse than Crosby (not that DB’s acting hasn’t been much ridiculed!).
    I don’t think Bowie was too interested in what Angie was doing, even in 1975, as he was too coked-up and busy making great music (and Nic Roeg’s Man Who Fell to Earth). I think he’d have made a good Hank Pym in an Avengers movie 🙂


  2. Ha, thanks for that! Jipp Jones, I’d heard of that but never seen it. She apparently auditioned for the tv movie as well. She seems to have been trying to remake herself, unfortunately for her it didn’t work…


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