Enter the Batcave in new Batman: Arkham City DLC

The lair of the dark knight has always been a magical and evocative place, with the motor pool of Batmobiles, the hanger full of Batwings, Batcopters and Jets and of course the Trophy Room where the massive dinosaur and penny are on display next to the Joker’s playing card and more.

Finally, the Batcave is an environment that fans can enter, albeit in video game format, as new downloadable content for Arkham City.

Batman: Arkham City fans no longer need to politely tolerate our goofy Photoshopped imagenew footage from the game’s Batcave challenge map DLC is officially onlineOver at GameTrailers, players can feast their eyes on roughly 30 seconds from the upcoming invisible predator challenge map, which will pit Batman against Tyger guards who have infiltrated his inner sanctum starting December 20. Though a giant penny doesn’t seem to be present (at least in this brief promo), the Batcave comes stocked with tons of computer screens, platforms, vehicles like the Batmobile and Batwing, and Batman’s animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Considering Rocksteady’s attention to detail in Arkham City, the Batcave will likely include a significant amount of similarly iconic Bat-memorabilia.

The footage premiered on Spike’s GT.TV in a “GameStop Unwrapped” segment that highlighted a few upcoming DLC releases for popular titles from 2011. The segment isn’t available to embed just yet, but you can cut to the Arkham City info at about 4:15 minutes in at GameTrailers.

Click on the link above for new footage, below is the Batcave from Batman: Arkham Asylum

Check out screen shots from the segment showcasing the Batman: Arkham City Batcave challenge map DLC below:

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Moon Knight, X-Men, Ghost Rider set for Zen Pinball Game Adaptations

The Spirit of Vengeance, the Fist of Konshu and the Children of the Atom are the latest Marvel Comics super heroes to be adapted by Zen Studios for dynamic pinball action. Joining the ranks of Captain America, Wolverine, the Fantastic Four, Blade and Spider-Man, these games have to be seen to be believed.

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue “Moon Knight” Trailer

Marvel Pinball Ghost Rider Table Trailer

Marvel Pinball X-Men Table Trailer

More info at the Marvel Pinball site.

(Special thanks to Mike Knight for the tip!)