Rifftrax: Warriors of the Wasteland

There’s an old saying that goes “Behind every successful movie, there’s a horrible Italian rip-off of it that uses three seconds of endless looped drumbeats as its soundtrack.” Never has this reliable chestnut been more true than in the case of Warriors of the Wasteland, which proudly acts as the mangy dog, devouring the table scraps that The Road Warrior turned up his nose at, opting instead to lick itself for nearly half an hour.

Yes, once again the inhabitants of Earth have reduced our proud, McRib-consuming planet to a smoldering wasteland. You might assume nukes, or genetically altered chimps are the culprit. Wrong you are, (though if you’ve recently ate a McRib, you’ve likely consumed some of the latter.) This time around what did us in was — Books! How did this happen? It of course is not explained. But it was books, you sure can count on that!

So the Warriors of the Wasteland drive around in their admittedly sweet cars, sporting their admittedly heinous hairstyles, kinda resenting books and occasionally massacring an outpost of survivors. If you can suspend disbelief for just one moment, hear this: there’s a heroic lone wolf who attempts to enforce justice on these criminals (we know, it’s a groundbreaking path for a character to follow.)

Books may have caused the apocalypse, but laughable special effects and ludicrous dialogue certainly survived it. Please join Mike, Kevin, Bill and a bunch of folks who couldn’t afford tickets to Thunderdome for Warriors of the Wasteland.

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Learn Kosho

The Prisoner has been recognized as one of the most important modern television programs. After earning acclaim as the secret agent John Drake in Danger Man, Patrick McGoohan knew that his next move was the most important. Offered the lead in the James Bond film Dr. No, McGoohan declined and recommended his good friend Sean Connery. Instead of embarking on a mad adventure of explosions, car chases and lovely ladies, McGoohan instead developed an existential weekly TV dram exploring the reality of modern life and the role of the individual.

In the Prisoner, McGoohan played a similar character to John Drake, a retired secret agent who was abducted and brought to a secluded island. Referred to as ‘the Village,’ the authority of this paradise setting demanded to know why he resigned. Week after week, his resolve was challenged, but he retained his individuality until the end.

In addition to these heavy concepts was an absolutely bizarre sport called Kosho.

The sport invented by Patrick McGoohan for his series The Prisoner, ‘Kosho’ is as much an enigma as ‘who is number one?’

Put on a robe, crash helmet and catchers mitt and learn the sport of the future that is coming!


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