Green Lantern animated series debuts in NY, feature film DVD to include extra footage

New Green Lantern footage from Sam Register, Executive Vice President of Creative Affairs for Warner Bros. Watch as he walks the audience through the character and why he’s important. I have to wonder what kind of looks he’s getting from the dead silent attendees.  What’s interesting is that he explains how difficult it was to talk Bruce Timm into the project as the animator who gave us Batman the Animated Series despised CG cartoons. However, Register insists that CG is the accepted way to produce a kid’s cartoon and cites some odd examples to support his case (why not just name-drop Star Wars?).

In any case, now we finally have a clear glimpse of the Green Lantern Animated Series as it will appear in 2012. Featuring voice actor Josh Keaton (from Spectacular Spider-Man) as Hal Jordan, the series will also star Michael Clarke Duncan, Richard Green, and Robert Englund.

I imagine that many of you are not sold on the style of the CG animation. I agree, but the pacing and storytelling techniques are top notch. I suspect the style will just take some getting used to and the overall quality of the series will generate buzz and bring in viewers. If you are still in doubt, remember that Bruce Timm is involved and he has seldom steered fans wrong. If anything, he has brought the DC Universe to a new audience with his various animated endeavors.

This Saturday at the NYComic Con, there will be a special screening of the animated series followed by an appearance by Bruce Timm for a Q and A session. That should be great!


In other Green Lantern news, the GL movie is coming out and gaining another chance at impressing fans who may have found the big picture in need of something extra. They’ll get it… 14 minute’s worth of extra!

Leading up to the film’s release I cited that of all the ‘unknown’ comic book characters, Green Lantern had the most to offer in a big screen adaptation. A man with a magic ring flying through space, strange aliens in mind-blowing visuals combine the appeal of superhero and science fiction drama. Alas, the final product fell flat. Dwarfed by the success of Thor, Captain America and X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern was almost universally panned by critics for being too slow and impenetrable for the casual viewer.

The Extended Edition DVD release including fourteen minutes of footage could salvage the film from the recesses of the also-ran rating it received this past Summer. Also, Best Buy will be offering a Steelbook edition that should look nice in any fan’s collection.

Exclusive Sinestro Corps Skin for Batman Arkham Asylum

The Blu-ray edition boasts some stunning extra material including a downloaded Sinestro Corps Batman skin for Arkham City, a preview of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and a ‘Digital Enhanced’ copy of the new Justice League #1.

For more info on all things Green Lantern, please visit the


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